Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3rd Busan Fireworks Festival

20 October 2007 @ Gwangalli Beach [광안리]

The annual Busan Fireworks Festival started 3 years ago when APEC meeting was held in Busan. Since then, every year, there will be firework show at the Gwangan Grand Bridge while the people can enjoy the spectacular show from the Gwangalli Beach.

This year's theme for the festival is "Busan Sonata", where it uses a mix of fireworks, music and lasers to tell a special story -- "Meeting", "Love", "Parting", "Reunion", and the climax, "Busan Sonata".

We reached the beach around 5pm and it is already packed with people. We got ourselves a strategic place to sit down and chit-chatted while we wait for the fireworks to start at 8pm. It was a very very cold night, with strong winds from the sea. So, we had to wear like as if we were in the snow to keep ourselves warm.

DSU international students [Malaysians, Germans and Chinese]

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. starts!!

Firecrackers on the Gwangan Grand Bridge

So colourful

It's like snowing under the bridge

The Ending

The firework show starts at 8pm sharp and ended at 8.45pm [45 minutes of non-stop fireworks! Cool~] The fireworks was breathtaking as I have never seen such long and huge fireworks in my life. It was really awesome and I'd say it's worth my 3 hours of waiting in the cold. =P You can watch some of the fireworks videos from here [countdown] and here [bombastic]. Billy, out.


7018 said...

wow... really nice

but fireworks remind me of something else now.... /____\

giox said...

wow ~~

nicey fireworks~

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