Monday, November 26, 2007

The Day Before I Fly...

21 October 2007 @ Hospital

Stanley torn ligaments of his ankle and he has to undergo an operation. So, me, DeYan, ChauLun and SingHui decided to pay him a last visit before we go for our vacation. Get well soon, Stanley!

21 October 2007 @ DSU International Student House

ChinNam a.k.a Giomanach [a close friend of DeYan, ShinKeat and ChauLun] reached Busan from Malaysia to join our vacation to Jeju and Seoul. We had dinner together and took him around the campus.

That's Mr. Gio, third from left

After that, I went to look for YuShu and he was playing his ErHu. I was quite excited as it was my first time seeing and touching a real ErHu. Took some photo with it. ^^

YuShu's "wife"

Concentrating to play the ErHu

Borrowed the suit from YuShu so that I won't "siasui" his "wife"

That's how SeongYee play the ErHu! =P

After that, I went to pack my stuffs for the next day! Flying off to Jeju Island early in the morning. Thanks YuShu for letting me play with his ErHu. Billy, out.


giox said...

who says play erhu shud wear western suit...
chinese cheongsam better la...

Billy said...

Hmm.. I thought wearing chinese traditional clothings are more appropriate too. But Yu Shu said it's ok to wear suit as well. =P

7018 said...

i think u look absolutely fine in suits, and playing that... but.. the sleeveless shirt and shorts... kinda.. contrast = =

puiyee said...

hi there billy, wanted to ask u if by any chance u once studied in SRJK (C) Jalan Davidson for ur primary education?

7018 said...


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