Monday, November 05, 2007

Hiking and Farewell with Lab Members

19 October 2007 @ Dongseo University

It was my last day of industrial training in Dongseo University. My lab members and 2 professors [Prof Lee and Prof Shin] planned to go hiking at the hill at the back of the campus. We hike, hike, hike, snap photos, hike more and finally reached one of my lab mate's house, which is also a restaurant.

The trail we hiked

The road is full of beautiful wild flowers

Evening of Busan

Eating fried duck meat at Jung-Hye's house

Me, Seung-Jae and Kyeong-Ran

Seung-Il, Me and Du-Cheol

Du-Cheol, Me, Jung-Hye and her boyfriend [forgot his name =P]

Me, Nam-Seok and Teresa

Finally, took some photos with some of the professors form Computer Graphics and Image Visualization lab.

Professor Lee Byung-Gook [my supervisor] and Me

Me and Professor Lee Jun-Jae [transfered to another University in Daegu]

Professor Shin [the one that sits inside my lab] and Me

It was a wonderful experience work with the Koreans. I have learnt a lot from them especially Professor Lee Byung-Gook. Although I have only got closer with my lab members at the second half of my training, I'll appreciate the friendship with them. Du-Cheol, got chance we play DotA againn ya.. hehehe... Goodbye CGIV lab~~ Billy, out.

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