Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Sharma

18 October 2007 @ NaengJeong

It's Sharma's birthday! After my Korean language class at 6pm, me and all my lab members walked to a shop in Naengjeong to eat SamGyeopSal [grilled pork]. We had lots of fun and drank lots of soju.

Birthday boy


Amit [Sharma's best friend, from another lab] and the rest are my lab members

Du-Cheol and Sharma drinking cross-arm-soju

Sharma and my lab members

It was my second samgyeopsal meal of the week... But I still enjoy it anyway. Hehe.. Thanks Sharma for treating us the delicious meal!! Happy Birthday to you! Billy, out.

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7018 said...

its me again... dont always complain only me leave comments la...

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