Wednesday, October 03, 2007

IT Expo - I love U

14 September 2007 @ BEXCO

I love Ubiquitous! (I love U!) It's the theme for this year's IT Expo in Busan, Korea. A Korean from ShinKeat's lab [SangJung] brought us there and give us free passes to the fair. [Or else it'll be USD$2 per person] It wasn't like those PC Fair in Malaysia whcih is so crowded and yelling their throats out to sell their products. Here, the booths' purpose is solely for exhibition only.

This is where the IT Fair is held

My tag with RFID [for the booths to record my details if I've visited them]

Left side view from the entrance

Right side view from the entrance

A photo with one of the 4 cute mascots [this white puppy is the cutest ^^]

What's JKR doing in Korea? o_O?

A huge Microsoft booth at one of the corner of the hall.

Me and a girl at the KT Telecommunication booth

A group shot: SangJung [leftmost] and Malaysians~~

My lunch.. shared with 3 other trainees =P

Well, I guess this is my first educational trip in Korea. What can I say? I saw a lot of high tech gadgets around the hall; dancing robots, motion detection game, automated home, etc etc... It really opened my eyes though it's not as big as I thought and I don't understand most of the explainations. Anyway, thanks SangJung for bringing us there and giving us free tickets to the IT Fair. ^^ Billy, out.

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