Thursday, October 25, 2007

Farewell Dinner with my Classmates

17 October 2007 @ Gaegeum [개금]

It was our second last Korean language class in Dongseo University. Right after our class, at 6pm, we went to Gaegeum to eat Shabu Shabu! It was our first and last dinner with the korean language teacher, Ms. Jang and my fellow classmates from all over the world.

Together with us are 5 Chinese [Cherry, Sophia, Jessie, ZhaoLiang, YongTai], a Russian [Liliana], an Indonesian [Ifa], 2 Japanese [Saki, Shibata], a Korean [Shibata's friend] and our beloved teacher. Not present at the dinner that night are WeiLu [Chinese], ShinKeat and the Mongolian classmate [Miki].

Shabu Shabu.. yummy~~ ^^

4 trainees with the Korean teacher, Ms. Jang

Shibata [Japanese], Ji-Dong [Korean], Saki [Japanese], Me

Ifa [Indonesian and ZhaoLiang [Chinese]

Group photo with the Chinese

Me and Liliana [Russian]

Rice cake dessert.. bought by our teacher [Thanks Ms Jang!]

We had a wonderful night, with all my classmates. We seldom talk in class but I'm glad that now I know them better. I'm so happy to get to know friends from so many different countries. Hehe.. Hope I can keep in touch with all of them. =P Billy, out.


7018 said...

SHABU SHABU!!!!!!!!!!

Eu Hua said...

Man, you one lucky fella. Yer.... don't make me jealous lah wei..

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