Sunday, October 14, 2007

U Para & Seven Luck Casino

24 September 2007 @ Seomyeon

It was 3-days holiday! But it was raining on Monday. We actually planned to go some other places but due to the rain, we have to change plan and go to U-Para in Seomyeon instead. U-Para is a mini arcade centre with a lots of things to play with [karaoke, billiards, darts, arcade machines, bowling, soccer kicking thingy, baseball pitching room, baseball practice room, cafe, computers, PS2, reading room, photo taking room, etc etc] Jessy, ChiShian, ShinKeat and me spent 9 hours in that 2-storey U-Para!! We never realize we stayed in there for so long.

ChiShian, me, Jessy, ShinKeat

First stop: Karaoke session [they have chinese songs too!]

Playing pool ^^

Me playing Crazy Taxi

Me, Jessy and ShinKeat competing against each other on this arcade machine [and i won =) ]

Our dinner: Burger King [seludup from outside] =P

Darts: I really hit the bullseye, No cheating!

Computers for surfing and playing games

Arcade machiens and dancing machines

Bowling time [there're only 1 lane usable out of the 4 lanes there =( ]

Final group shot outside U-Para

Then we decided to visit the Seven Luck Casino, which is only within walking distance. Since I've not been in any casino, I'm really looking forward to visit one. The staffs there are very friendly. One of them even brought us around the casino and introducing each section in the casino to us. We were lucky at that time, because it was the ChuSeok festival in Korea, the casino offered free traditional cakes and drinks. They also provide hanbook [Korean traditional clothings] for the visitors to wear and take photos.

Photo taken in the Lotte Hotel [casino is situated in the hotel]

Me, Jessy and ShinKeat wearing Korean traditional clothes

The 4 of us and one of the staffs at Seven Luck Casino

Although we have to postpone our original plan to go to Taejongdae, I was quite enjoyed going to U-Para and casino with them. And I get to tried on the Korean traditional clothings. Wee~~ Billy, out.

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XDDDD ur korean costume very "Yak"

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