Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pusan International Film Festival

10 October 2007 @ Busan Yachting Center

There were nine of us, ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun, YuShu, ChunWei, Bryan, SeongYee, CheeMin and I went to the open air theater at Busan Yacthing Center to watch a Japanese animation movie [The Piano Forest]. The special screening of this show was due to the recent Pusan International Film Festival [PIFF] from 4 Oct to 12 Oct. There were lots of premieres and movie screenings including a movie by Michelle Yeoh. She'd even attended the premiere as the invited guest.

The Piano Forest, talked about 2 friends from different background but brought them together through the touch of a magnificent piano in the forest. It was quite a nice story but the temperature was too cold at the outdoor theater.

The banner of PIFF

9 tickets for 9 people

So many people.. taken from the place we sat

That's us sitting in a row.. and huge loads of people still coming in...

ChunWei, ChauLun, Me, ShinKeat, DeYan posing in front of the entrance

Before the show starts, there were a bunch of people playing some musical instruments. And the show officially starts around 8pm and ended nearly 10pm. It was a cool experience to watch a movie outdoor. But I'd bring more clothes if I'd a chance to go again. Hehe... Billy, out.

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