Saturday, October 06, 2007

CCAP Orientation Dinner

17 September 2007 @ Haeundae

CCAP stands for Cross Cultural Awareness Programme which is organized by UNESCO. Foreigners in Korea can volunteer themselves to teach a class of young students about the culture of their origin country. Teresa joined CCAP last year and she brought me, SingHui and SuHan for the orientation meeting of this new academic year. After some introduction, briefing and arrangement of schedules, we had dinner at one of the restaurant nearby.

Madam An who drove us to the restaurant, and Teresa who brought us to the CCAP meeting

Teresa and SuHan at the restaurant

Me and SingHui.. cheerz

Our dinner - consist of a pot of rice and a table-full of side dishes, including 3 types of soups [yummy ^^]

From the windows of the restaurant, we can see the elegant Gwangan Grand Bridge

I've met some really nice people during the dinner. Too bad I have to go back to Malaysia soon, or else I'd have join the programme to earn some extra bucks. Anyway, thanks Teresa for bringing us there and the CCAP committees for treating us the wonderful dinner. Billy, out.

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7018 said...


can you tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

why you always get to eat those very nice looking food T.T

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