Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chuseok Trip 3 - 해운대

26 September 2007 @ Haeundae [해운대]

It's the third and final day of the Chuseok festival in Korea and we're still on holiday. Luckily the weather is marvelous that day, we followed our plan to visit a few places near Haeundae. We started early in the morning from our dormitory to head towards
Haedong Yonggungsa [海东龙宫寺]. This time, the group of people that join our trip got larger, total of 19 people!! There are 5 Germans [Tabea, Ilka, Eva, Stephanie, Katherine], 1 Indonesian [Liliana], 2 Chinese [Lulu, Cherry] and 11 Malaysians. Seems like we're organizing some sort of International students trip or so.

Before we take a bus to Yonggung Temple, we had brunch at the McDonald's in Haeundae. And so, after taking a bumpy bus for 30 minutes, we reached Haedong Yonggungsa The temple is built by the seaside. It has mesmerizing sceneries, beautifully crafted architectures and statues all around it.

The entrance to the temple

All the cute little tigers of 1986 with the tiger zodiac statue

Malaysians, Germans and Indonesian

Touch it if you want to give birth to a baby boy~

The golden statue

Group photo!

Sitting on the rocks

Jumping boys - Hofun, ChauLun, MengHui, Keat, Me, ShinKeat, Bryan, DeYan [broke the jumping record with 8 visible people]

Guy trainees with Teresa jie jie

A view taken from the top

Another view taken from a higher place

After visiting the beautiful temple, we head back to Haeundae by the bumpy bus again. This time, we parted ways with the Germans and a few Malaysians. And so, the number of people left in the group is 11 only. We then headed towards the Busan Aquarium at Haeundae Beach. They were having promotional prices for foreign students [slightly more than 50% discount]. Therefore, we grabbed this opportunity to take a look inside the aquarium.

That's me and the Busan Aquarium ^^v

Me and 2 starfish

Me and colourful jellyfish

All sorts of weird looking fishes

This is the weirdest I see so far


Group photo with Mr. Stingray [taken using a huge mirror]

The Fish Car - A car with water and fish swimming inside

The sky is almost dark when we got out of the Aquarium. We headed down to look for food to fill our tummy and then took the subway to the Gwangalli Beach to enjoy the night view of the Gwangan Grand Bridge. It was so relaxing when the cooling sea breeze blew to my face while I enjoy the beautiful night sceneries around with the grand bridge standing elegantly in front of me.

Final group shot with the Gwangan Grand Bridge

That's about it for my final day the Chuseok festival. I really enjoyed all the 3 days of holiday thoroughly with so many foreign students having fun together. Before I end this post, I'd like to express my highest gratitude to ShinKeat because he has been planning these trips for many days and they were all a success. Thanks! Billy, out.


7018 said...

why everytime must jump??? = =+

Tabea said...

Hey William,
i still remember our first trip together.It was great and
I learned that taking pictures can be very very funny :)
Terima kaseih

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