Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chuseok Trip 1 - 태종대

3 October 2007 @ Taejongdae [태종대]

This plan was supposed to be on the first day of the Chuseok holidays, but it was postponed due to heavy rain and strong winds. Once again, on this wonderful public holiday of National Foundation Day in Korea, a gigantic group of international students gathered to visit the beautiful

Taejongdae is a huge natural park with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the island of Yeongdo. When the sky is clear, visitors can see a few islands from Taejongdae, one of them is the Daema Island of Japan.

This time, our group were made up of 22 people!! There are 4 Germans [Tabea, Ilka, Eva, Sebastian], 1 Indonesian [Liliana], 2 Mongolians [Miki, Bayalag], 3 Chinese [Cherry, Lulu, MeiXiang] and 12 Malaysians. Whoa!

Group shot at the entrance of Taejongdae Park

The "train" we took inside the park

First stop in Taejongdae, HELP Temple [franchise of HELP Institute? =P]

Just a small temple..

We went to the first floor of the temple

The big blue sea.. taken at the observatory tower

Me and the big blue sea [Can you see the island far far away? =P]

Group shot again at the observatory area

The Malaysian guys.. ^^

ChauLun, CheeMin, DeYan, Me, Liliana and SingHui at the cliffs

Me sitting at the side of cliffs... scary~

Standing at the side of the rocks...

CheeMin, DeYan, Hofun, ShinKeat and me and the light tower

3 guys trainees on the cliffs

Me and the Mongolian, Miki [my Korean classmate]

Mermaid + us

The view from the top

Sitting in one row ^^

Group shot @ the cliffs

The beautiful cliffs at Taejongdae

After visiting Taejongdae, I was feeling a little uneasy and decided to go back to my dorm with ChunWei and SuHan. The rest continue their journey to the Yongdusan Park after having their dinner at Nampodong. The main objective of going to the park is to go up to the Busan Tower to enjoy the sensational night view.

Yongdusan Park and the Busan Tower

Group shot with the tower

Night viewzzz...

It was another long and tiring journey. Too bad I didn't get a chance to go up to the tower. Nevertheless, I still can enjoy the sceneries from the photos taken by our professional photographer, Mr. Hofun. Hehe.. Billy, out.


Tabea said...

and hello again :)
of course I enjoyed this trip.Unfortunately it was our last one and you felt not that good. But hopefully we will meet again, when I come to Malaysia or you to europe :) I am really looking foward to it!

Billy said...

Welcome to my blog Tabea,

Yea, I really hope we can meet again someday. I will remember all the great times I had with you and other Germans. Keep in touch~ =P

7018 said...

= = the cliff looks damn scary.....

Ilka said...

Good thing I didnt see you on those scary Cliffs, otherwise i would have jumped to rescue you!
Hope you arrived well back in Malaysia and dont forget us!!!
Looking forward to hopefully see you next year!

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