Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chuseok Trip 2 - 동래

25 September 2007 @ Dongnae [동래]

It's the mid-autumn festival in Malaysia but it's the
Chuseok Festival in Korea. The whole of Korea will have 3 days of public holiday due to the major celebration. Well, for us, it's play time!

Wondering where is trip 1? Trip 1 is supposed to be on 24 Sept but it was raining cats and dogs. So, Trip 1 was postponed and I just went to U-Para & casino [previous post].

There're a total of 16 people who joined this trip, including 1 Indian, 1 Chinese, 12 DSU Malaysians and 2 Hofun's Malaysian friends studying in Daegu.

First stop: Geumgang Park
It's a huge park with some rides, working out area, temples, cable car, marine history museum and etc. But the cable car and museum were closed due to the holiday. =(

The entrance to Geumgang Park

Outside the beautiful temple

Do, Re, Mi, Fa~

Hofun, me, ShinKeat, Amit, Teresa, Zai, SweeWon, Jessy, ChiShian, SuHan, SingHui, Lulu, Pu, DeYan, ChauLun, Keat (^^v)

Our lunch: Cup Ramyeon, Kimbap, Milk [there's nothing else to eat because all the shops were closed]

Second stop: Chungnyeolsa Shrine
This place is like the Tugu Negara in Malaysia. The place is built to remember all the patriotic heroes who fought and sacrificed themselves during the Japanese invasion in Korea.

Another group shot: 8 guys vs 8 girls

A small pond inside Chungnyeolsa

There's always a jumping shot wherever we go =P

One of the architectures there

The plants are well-trimmed

4 guys, Lulu [Chinese] and the Korean national flag

Third stop: Children's Grand Park
It is another huge place to visit. There are zoo, Elephant World, Badukee Land, Botanical Garden, Ecological Pond, Tennis Court, Culture Hall, Amusement Park, etc etc... Well, we just visited the dam and the amusement park.

The entrance of the Children's Grand Park

Inside the tiny amusement park

Front to back: SuHan, Teresa, SingHui, ChauLun, Me, DeYan, ShinKeat, Amit

The dam inside the park

Group shot at the dam

We stayed there till the sky is dark. [Full moon cause it's Mooncake Festival!]

We bidded goodbye to SweeWon and Zai as they had to return to Daegu that night. We parted ways and went back to DSU. Nice knowing other Malaysians studying in Korea. It was very tired but I had a lot of fun. Another long day awaiting me the next day. Billy, out.

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