Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kajang Satay

28 February 2008 @ Kajang

Me and my three other housemates have the sudden urge of eating Kajang Satay for supper. So, we drove all the way there at midnight to found that the big Kajang Satay shop is closed. So we went to another one nearby.

Yummy~ I'm so full now though I didn't eat as much as my housemates did. =P Time for a game before I go to bed. Billy, out.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Lost Friends Reunion

23 February 2008 @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Finally, I went to Pavilion! [Reporting to Hofun, Mission 1 completed]

I went there to meet some of my primary school friends, whom I've lost contact more than a decade.

From left:
1. Me
2. Kevin Wong. classmates in standard one only, but he still remembers me. [super memory]
3. PengThian. same class in standard two and three. Exchanged few snailmails but lost contact eventually.
4. PuiYee. No need further elaboration lah.

We had lunch together and chatted about all the times we had in SJKC Jalan Davidson. So many memories... So many rules [in school].... So many punishments...

Then, we went explore a bit in Pavilion, Starhill and Marriott Hotel. I left early to attend a dinner while they stayed for some shopping. It was nice having to see my old friends again after so many years. Can't wait for the next meet up again, with more of other friends turn up hopefully.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

CNY is almost over for the year of earth rat [2008] but I didn't really feel the excitemnet of CNY like it used to be. Probably this year's CNY was too short [4 days only]. =P

As usual, first and second day of CNY were reserved for my relatives. Third day went for movie [Kungfu Dunk] and visited some relatives.

The whole of forth day I spent with my friends from Germany [Ilka, Tabea, Stephy and Eva]. I took them to Batu Caves, ate mamak food, Stanley's house [their coursemate] in Kajang, ate Kajang satay and had dinner at my aunt's house. I pulled a night at my aunt's house and went back Cyberjaya for classes on the fifth day of CNY [monday].

Me, Ilka, Tabea, Stephy, Eva and Stanley [sitting]

It was nice having some foreign friends to visit Malaysia. Hope they'll have a nice journey to Singapore and the rest of Malaysia! Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! Billy, out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Turned 21

30 December 2007 @ My House

The food...

The friends and relatives...

The gifts...

Thank you everyone! [including those who couldn't make it but still send me something] I'm eligible to be a voter and I can enter the casino now [finally]! It's a very memorable day. Thanks.... Billy, out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Lost Friend... Found!

It all happened on the 30th November 2007, when an anonymous left me a comment in my blog and asking my permission to add me in MSN...

This is her, PuiYee, my best friend when I was in Primary 1-3 in SJKC Jalan Davidson. I later changed school and we lost contact after writing a few letters to each other.

The power of Internet lead her to finding my secondary class website, EuHua's blog and eventually linked to my blog. Big thanks to EuHua! I never ever thought that something like this can actually happen. No contact for about 11 years and your very good friend just pop out of nowhere saying that she found you through google.

We finally met up for the first time after a decade, at my birthday party. Well, what can I say, I really appreciate this friendship and thanks PuiYee for googling me and coming to my party. Cheers! Billy, out.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Snake in my House

As I've said to some of my friends, my house is full of wild animals, monkeys, squirrels, monitor lizards, chameleons, tarantulas and also lots of snakes. But for the past couple of years, my house has been snake-free until today.

I was collecting the clothes hanging outside and I was freaked out by the 1.5 meter long snake near the clothes. It saw me and it quickly hide behind a box. My dad tried to chase it away with mosquitoes spray but it wouldn't work. Then, he pulled out the box and we managed to chase it away. It was going towards the outside until it turned left and hide under my dad's car! I put down my head and saw the snake going up. Now, it's hiding inside my dad's car.

Can you see the snake going up into the car?!

My dad drove the car out and we tried to scare the snake out, but no use. Finally, we brought the car for a car wash, hoping that the snake will come out with some water sprayed. We never knew whether the snake got out of the car or not. Hopefully, it went off peacefully and never return. What a day. Billy, out.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Leaving Korea

30 October 2007 @ Seoul going back to Busan

We took KTX express train back to Busan and make our way back to Dongseo University. There wasn't much time left as we bid farewell to all the seniors and pack our stuffs.

31 October 2007 @ Busan going back to Malaysia

It was 5.30am. YuShu called a few taxis to get us to the airport.

SuHan, ChinNam, Me, DeYan, ChauLun and our overweight luggages

Final group shot with everyone who were at the Gimhae airport to bid farewell

Jessy, ChiShian and ChunWei came to the airport after we checked in our luggages. THANKS EVERYONE! [including those who didn't make it to the airport] A lot has happened in the four months and I really enjoy going through it with all of you in Korea. Gonna miss you guys. =P

So, we flew to Bangkok and interchange another flight back to KL. It was a long journey and everyone were very tired. But we have no time to lose as we have to finish our report for the Industrial Training presentation on the next day. I didn't get much sleep that night and I'm glad it's finally over. Billy, out.
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