Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Lost Friend... Found!

It all happened on the 30th November 2007, when an anonymous left me a comment in my blog and asking my permission to add me in MSN...

This is her, PuiYee, my best friend when I was in Primary 1-3 in SJKC Jalan Davidson. I later changed school and we lost contact after writing a few letters to each other.

The power of Internet lead her to finding my secondary class website, EuHua's blog and eventually linked to my blog. Big thanks to EuHua! I never ever thought that something like this can actually happen. No contact for about 11 years and your very good friend just pop out of nowhere saying that she found you through google.

We finally met up for the first time after a decade, at my birthday party. Well, what can I say, I really appreciate this friendship and thanks PuiYee for googling me and coming to my party. Cheers! Billy, out.


Eu Hua said...

Pleasure to help. Can't believe someone actually googled you!

bRyan said...

ooo... yong cha jin gu... not bad... :)

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