Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Year Countdown to 2010

31 December 2009 @ 1 Utama

I had lots of fun in the countdown for 2009 at 1 Utama. So decided to go there again since another HK star is going to perform there - Beyond.

Few friends and I went to play bowling first, hoping to meeting Beyond there. Then we had dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner, hoping to get the concert passes at the Ogawa booth outside the shop.

We did the same thing as last year but no we didn't meet Beyond anywhere and we had to walk to the other end of the entrance to get our passes.

Me and my HUGE milk tea
(got this for free as my birthday was the day before)

JooLi, Mike, WoonLee, HanChin and Sim - before going into the concert

The stage with Digi Yellowman - sponsored by Digi

Hosts - DJs from 988 and RedFM

This is the only Chapalang singer that I know

The rest of the performances were just horrid. See how the girl in yellow below react you know already lah. Her face was telling "Oh god, please get me out of this hell"

I was just telling myself to be patient... Beyond will be coming out later... Patient...

As expected they came out as the last performer. The performance before that... no need to mention lah. The disappointing part was, only 2 members of Beyond came.

Yip Sai Weng came out first - dishing a few solos

Then Paul Wong Ka Keung's turn to sing

The finale was of course to countdown together, watch fireworks blocked by trees and sing some of the famous numbers by Beyond.

This is the last song they sang that night - 海阔天空. Enjoy the recording!

It was quite disappointing, standing there for hours and all I get was screaming, shouting from other performers. Seriously I don't know what they are singing 90% of the time.

But getting to watch Beyond perform live really make it up to all the torture to my eardrums. Bravo Beyond! Billy, out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Burstday to Me!

30 December 2009 @ Everywhere

I handpicked 17 photos but only 2 were posted up. Don't know why.

Anyway, I had a blast for my birthday last year. I got lots of presents!! And I ate a lot!! If you didn't know, my birthday is near Christmas, and so, I get extra gifts (and food) for Christmas!

4 of 'em are Christmas pressies, the rest are for my birthday =)

I've also got 2 surprise sweeties from WoonLee and Yani.
Tenkiu!! Both are very yummy.

Thanks to my ex-housemates, TM gang, my family and JooLi for the most memorable gift. And also to every single person who sms-ed me, facebook-ed me, and those who only remembered after days and weeks from my birthday. Terima kasih manyak-manyak! Love 'em all. Billy, out.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Idiocracy of Women Drivers

Wow, I've abandon my blog for more than 2 weeks. Guess the lazy bug is crawling up my spine again.

At first I wanted to write about stuffs that happened, but it'll be BORINGGGG! So I put on my creativity hat and started drawing with photoshop. Enjoy my little sketches. =)

This post is specially dedicated to most women drivers. I said most, so don't perasan.

Based on my 2 years experience of active driving on Malaysian roads, I can assure you that most female drivers are terrible drivers. And The Star just confirmed that not too long ago. See! See!!

Scenario 1: Got Space I Will Squeeze
I was driving out of my housing estate and this aunty really pissed me off. A lot of aunties nowadays drive big cars to send their children here and there. So, I'll just use a slightly bigger rectangle to represent the aunty car.

Aunty wants to cross over to make a U-turn and the the traffic was really heavy.

She saw a little space, so she quickly squeeze her big car through. But because there is a traffic light on her left, some cars stopped and she couldn't even budge an inch. So what happened? DEAD LOCK until the traffic light turns green.

Due to the massive amount of cars going towards the traffic light to turn left (no need to wait for traffic light to turn left one mah), all were jammed up just because a big car blocked the road. We had to wait till the traffic light turns green, and there were millions of cars queueing at the back already.

Scenario 2: I Cannot Turn My Head to See the Side
That's another problem with most ladies. They can only see the front!! It happened at my housing estate also. This time, going towards my home.

The lady (represented by red car) wanted to come out from a junction.
So when she saw that the front is empty, she press her accelerator as hard as possible... and... BANG! Cars coming from the left was too near to stop in time to avoid the collision.
Same scenario can be applied to those ladies who want to cut into another lane without even looking at their blind spot first!

My female colleague said that sometimes the girls want to do what the boys can do too (ie overtaking, speeding & etc) but they don't have the skills to do it. That's why they will end up with more summons and accidents.

Dear readers, do you agree with me? Billy, out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Granduncle

My granduncle passed away peacefully yesterday 9 March 2009 right after I left home to go to work.

You will always be remembered, the kind-hearted and cheerful granduncle. Billy, out.
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