Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Year Countdown to 2010

31 December 2009 @ 1 Utama

I had lots of fun in the countdown for 2009 at 1 Utama. So decided to go there again since another HK star is going to perform there - Beyond.

Few friends and I went to play bowling first, hoping to meeting Beyond there. Then we had dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner, hoping to get the concert passes at the Ogawa booth outside the shop.

We did the same thing as last year but no we didn't meet Beyond anywhere and we had to walk to the other end of the entrance to get our passes.

Me and my HUGE milk tea
(got this for free as my birthday was the day before)

JooLi, Mike, WoonLee, HanChin and Sim - before going into the concert

The stage with Digi Yellowman - sponsored by Digi

Hosts - DJs from 988 and RedFM

This is the only Chapalang singer that I know

The rest of the performances were just horrid. See how the girl in yellow below react you know already lah. Her face was telling "Oh god, please get me out of this hell"

I was just telling myself to be patient... Beyond will be coming out later... Patient...

As expected they came out as the last performer. The performance before that... no need to mention lah. The disappointing part was, only 2 members of Beyond came.

Yip Sai Weng came out first - dishing a few solos

Then Paul Wong Ka Keung's turn to sing

The finale was of course to countdown together, watch fireworks blocked by trees and sing some of the famous numbers by Beyond.

This is the last song they sang that night - 海阔天空. Enjoy the recording!

It was quite disappointing, standing there for hours and all I get was screaming, shouting from other performers. Seriously I don't know what they are singing 90% of the time.

But getting to watch Beyond perform live really make it up to all the torture to my eardrums. Bravo Beyond! Billy, out.


leo said...

how come i dun have the pictures eh?wanna take from you liao...

chuafc2006 said...

lol... i was there also...
beyond's singing was the best among others la..

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