Monday, February 04, 2008

Snake in my House

As I've said to some of my friends, my house is full of wild animals, monkeys, squirrels, monitor lizards, chameleons, tarantulas and also lots of snakes. But for the past couple of years, my house has been snake-free until today.

I was collecting the clothes hanging outside and I was freaked out by the 1.5 meter long snake near the clothes. It saw me and it quickly hide behind a box. My dad tried to chase it away with mosquitoes spray but it wouldn't work. Then, he pulled out the box and we managed to chase it away. It was going towards the outside until it turned left and hide under my dad's car! I put down my head and saw the snake going up. Now, it's hiding inside my dad's car.

Can you see the snake going up into the car?!

My dad drove the car out and we tried to scare the snake out, but no use. Finally, we brought the car for a car wash, hoping that the snake will come out with some water sprayed. We never knew whether the snake got out of the car or not. Hopefully, it went off peacefully and never return. What a day. Billy, out.

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