Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday cum Farewell Party

19 October 2007 @ Old Dormitory, Dongseo University

Right after having dinner with my professors and lab members, I went back to Dongseo University to have a birthday cum farewell party with not only Malaysians but also Germans and Chinese.

Birthday boys [DeYan and ChoonKeat]

Everybody sucking their lollypops

An LCD Projector, a laptop and a speakers... [What are the seniors up to?]

The seniors actually prepared a funny, touching and nostalgic photo slideshow using Flash.. [thanks!]

ShinKeat, DeYan, Me, SuHan and ChauLun and a cake courtesy of the seniors

The heart-shaped ice cream cake with 5 candles for the trainess who will be leaving Korean soon

Each of us were holding a spoon with a scoop of cake and a lit candle on it =P

The Germans gave each of us a customized photo with lots and lots of photos and messeges from them [Thanks to the 5 German girls]

Finally, a group photo with all the Malaysians, Germans and Chinese [our last group shot in Korea]

I had a really great time that night and I'd like to say a BIG Thank You to all of them.. to the person who bought the cake, to the person who did the flash photo slide show, to the person who "stole" the projector, to the person who ordered chicken and pizza, to the person who brought the laptop, to the person who prepared the song and lyrics, to the people who set up the environment, to the people who brought camera and took so many photos and videos and to all the people who attended the party. THANKS!!! Dank der Deutschen!!! 谢谢!!! Billy, out.

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-DomDom- said...

"Everybody sucking their lollypops", haha, sound not so good. :P

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