Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chocolates Make Me Happy

In my smile post last month, I mentioned that a smile can stimulate as much as eating 2,000 chocolate bars. There's a mysterious fact that eating chocolates has one of the most pleasant feeling in the world.

I believe many people out there love chocolates for whether they're dark, white, with nuts, rum, raisins, and etc. But, most people resist themselves from eating a lot because they think that chocolates make them fat, causes acne and tooth decay.

Now, how true is that?

Several researches have been done to prove that chocolate has nothing to do with the acne on your face or body. All you have to do is to eat health vegetables and fruits. Now don't blame chocolates okay?

So, what about tooth decays and cavities? The answer is No. There's an article in the BBC news saying that researchers found that eating chocolates will not cause tooth decay. In fact, there is a certain substance in cocoa beans that coats your teeth and prevent them from forming tooth decay! [source]

The only thing that may harm your sparkling teeth is the sugar inside the chocolates. Just like any other sweet food, eating too much of them will not do any good to you. Remember, good oral hygiene is the key to healthy teeth!

Some studies showed that consuming dark chocolates daily will lower the blood pressure and help lower the risk of heart disease. Unlike other saturated fats, the fats inside chocolates will not raise the level of cholesterol. In fact, there were studies that said that chocolates can reduce the level of cholesterol.

Chocolates are believed to be a stimulant, as it contains some substances like sugar, caffeine and other stuffs. That's why I kept some chocolates in my drawer to keep me awake in the office. Well, it did helped you know, especially when I have nothing to do or inside a boring meeting. Chocolates save my day!

the collection in my food drawer

There're facts and myths, good and bad about chocolates. To believe or not to believe is another issue. To me, I think eating a little is okay, but it'll definitely affect your health if you had too much of it. So, I think the chocolates in my food drawer will never go out of stock. Haha!

Anyway, chocolates are commonly identified as an aphorodisiac too! *wink* Billy, out.

Note: More info can be found in the following links.
Wikipedia - Chocolate
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leo said...

i luv chocolate too~!
so nice if i m in the same office v u la..haa..
do u mind to put some chocolates in my drawer too?haha..

so,another reason y u like chocolates is bcoz of it's an aphorodisiac?:p

Boss said...

I like chocolate too!
In fact I think everybody loves chocolate. Thanks for the info, now I got more excuse to eat more chocolate!

penlighted said...

I hate your blog! It made me want to cheat on my diet...T_T

you've got a lot of yummy foods in here...

Light it Up

Billy said...

hahaha... if u've got chance to come menara for meeting, drop by my office and i'll share some chocolates with you!
I didn't know chocolates are aphrodisiac until I read about it few days back. =P

yea, i think most ppl like chocolates lah. =)

a little chocolates won't harm too much though.. hehehe...

Julez said...

The chocolates you gave me are all in my dad's tummy now. But can i get more treats from you?? Hehe

I thought it was common knowledge that chocolates are aphrodisiacs... but how would that be applicable to YOU la William? *winks* Haha


Billy said...

whoa, still inside the tummy?!
Come come to my office to get chocolate to destress~ but my supply is getting low... =(

Well, then I don't have the common knowledge lor... Hahaha...


Ju Ann said...

I love ferror rocher

Sigh! YUMMY!

SIMMY said...

haha, no matter how..cannot eat too much..if not FAT FAT dee...haha

Sal Casley said...

Evertyime I hear that "chocolates will make you happy", it always flashbacks the memories that I did when I broke up with my boyfriend. I kept on crying and my friends didn't know what to do. Then, Elisa told me that chocolates might be helpful to make me happy. I ignored it at first, but when they left my room, I checked the refrigerator to get some chocolates. I ate lots of chocolates that night, and I forgot to brush my teeth. Then, next morning, my tooth was aching. We quickly visited our trusted dentist. Lakeland, Florida, our loving hometown, luckily has lots of professional dental services. So if you want a good dental service, dentists in Lakeland, Florida are the choice. My tooth was extracted quickly. After that event, I learned the most important lesson in life: NEVER FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE SLEEPING!

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