Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

24 December 2008 @ Aunt's House

It's been a tradition since... many years ago, to celebrate Christmas at my aunt's house. No exception for this year, and I make it a point to go there since I've missed it for a couple of years.

Christmas tree with lotsa presents underneath

So I went to my mom's workplace to take a bath and changed into a more comfortable wear before heading towards my aunt's place.

We waited a while and dinner is served.

Baked Cauliflower with lots of cheese on top. Yum~ Yum~

Ah, my favourites... POTATOES! Served with butter, sour cream and crumbled bacon. *droolz*

My aunt knew that I love potato so much she bought more for me!

Apples and celeries salad, superb!

Here comes the main dish, roasted turkey! And I mean gigantic roasted turkey!

Before we start feasting, uncle and dad dug out the stuffings from the head and from the backside.

Two different stuffings my aunt made. Both were very nice.

Everyone were seated and my uncle started carving the turkey.

Happy family - Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt & cousins

Everyone gets a piece of turkey. Now let the feast begin!

That's what everyone's got in their plate. Turkey with the sauce, potato, stuffing and bread.

Then we passed around the salad and other stuffs just like the way the angmoh kias do it.

My tummy is stuffed and the turkey is half gone. So were the other dishes.

Everyone is so full that we all can barely move. See even my cousins dropped on the floor! Haha...

After dining, the adults drank red wine while the kids just hang around. I'm half adult and half kid, so I drank a bit and hang around.

We watched TV, we talked, I helped them to fix some Internet issues, snapped pictures...

...and it's time to countdown!

Mindy and I [my cousin who just came back from the US]

Due to the fact that there wasn't any TV channel showing the countdown for Christmas, so we counted ourselves and popped the champagne. Wait, it's not champagne, it's "children's wine".

Yea, we called the carbonated grape juice "children's wine". Just because the adults have red wine and the kids wanted some wine too! =P

Later on, dessert is served. It's called Butterscotch Banana, with a little whipping cream toppings. Yum~ Yum~

We left their place at around 1am+. What a wonderful x'mas eve dinner. Loved it. Loved the potatoes. Thanks Aunt Annie! Billy, out.

Billy wishes everyone
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year
and Happy Birthday to himself!



Ju Ann said...

wow your aunt is a DAMN good cook!!!

the food all look so good!!

Merry Xmas! :)

leo said...

wow, feeling hungry now coz the foods look so yummy ~~haha..

Ok la, happy birthday to u..haa

Billy said...

yup, she cooks really well!
merry xmas and happy new year to you! =)

haha.. looks nice and taste nice also =P
thanks! =)

Modern Princess said...

*drool* That looks so yummy! I know we just met and all, but can I come with you next year?

I love potatoes too!!

Billy said...

[modern princess]
Haha.. You have to ask my aunt then. It's fine for me if she lets. =)

Cheers for potatoes lovers!

Modern Princess said...

No problem! Whats your aunt's email address? ;) (just kidding!)

Soo Ann said...

The food is so tempting and looking delicious. I bet you had a very good dinner that night on christmas eve.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Mmmmmmm... I'm hungry!!!!!

Diamond said...

Geez..all that food made me hungry..Looks like you had a nice family meal.

beau said...

so envy. I long time no eat family meal liaw lo :( so miss m'sia food.

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