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The Grand Palace & National Museum

8 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

Right after coming out of the Wat Pho, we went to the nearby 7-11 for a light lunch.

Then, our initial plan is to visit the Grand Palace which is just next to the Wat Pho. While we were heading towards the Grand Palace, we were approached by a men who seems pretty friendly.

He asked us where we were going, so we told him. Then the local guy told us that there will be some sort of ceremony at the Palace that day and we won't be able to enter. He offered us to ride on his friend's tuk tuk to take us around Bangkok and visit the lucky buddha for a "CHEAP" price!

Luckily we're smart enough to reject the wonderful offer and left the guy alone cursing us head on to the palace. It was a SCAM! duh! We then double confirmed it with the tourism booth. Geesh...

wall of Grand Palace [outside]

Let's move on to the palace...

The place has been the home of Thai kings and the entire administrative seats in the government for around 150 years. But near the 20th century, the royalties stopped living in that place and it became a famous tourist attraction.

Me, LeongKee and Kuan trying to push our way in

At the entrance to the compound, every single person will be checked on the attire they're wearing. All visitors have to wear long trousers and sleeved shirts to enter. Don't worry if you're wearing shorts and singlets (due to the hot weather), because rental of scarves and long pants is available, for FREE!

We did our homework and brought along detachable pants to wear it before entering, while MinBee brought a small jacket to wear over her singlet.

saw this notice at the entrance

We passed the attire-check and head on in. The scenery in there is really mesmerizing.

The main attraction inside the palace compound is the Wat Phra Kaew. Sitting inside the temple is the Emerald Buddha.

We walked and walked and walked... until we reach a barrier asking for tickets. We were shocked with the price of the tickets to enter the Wat and other areas of the palace. It's 250Baht, around RM25!!

Kuan, MinBee, LeongKee and Me at the ticketing entrance

Without much consideration, we decided to just take some photos and leave.

Since we can't see the real thing, why not take picture with POSTCARDS?!

Me and the Emerald Buddha

It's said that the statue will wear three different clothings for different seasons of the year. (hot season, rainy season and cool season)

Kuan and MinBee with their postcards

For your information, the Buddha statue is made of green jade rather than emerald and it's only 45cm tall. Oh, and we DID NOT buy the postcards. =P

With a little disappointment, we had to change our plans by visiting some other place.

We walked along the roads while looking at the map in our hands...

we decided to visit the Bangkok National Museum!

The entrance fee is 50Baht (~RM5) only! One fifth of the price to the palace only leh...

There were lots of things to see and read in there. The museum is pretty huge, with many different buildings to store different antiques. Prehistory, arts, weapons, sculptures, textiles, musical instruments, coins and etc.

The only photo inside the museum [no photos allowed]

Talking about the photos, we tried taking the photo of a very big Buddha head but spotted by the security. Argh, didn't manage to take it...

grabbed by a green elephant!

The best place inside the museum is the place where they store the coins and notes. Why? Not because I like money lah, because that's the ONLY place with aircond and chairs to sit. It's really hot out there. We spent almost 30 minutes in that small room! Haha...

saw a rabbit in the compound [wootz! she dare to touch wor...]

It was a long long morning, everyone is dead tired, dead hungry and dead thirsty. Luckily there's a restaurant inside the museum, and we had our late lunch there.

I had 2 bottles of Ice Lemon Tea

We left the museum after we visiting all the galleries in there. Next stop, the famous river in Thailand, Chao Praya River! Billy, out.

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Ju Ann said...

ahhhh i din get to go to the grand palace the last i was there!! protest -.-

Borneo Falcon said...

The Wat is beautiful

JeromeFo said...

Awesome pics~
Another nice trip you hv

Billy said...

Awh.. But there's nothing much to see in there also... unless you want to pay 250Baht to see the miserable statue! =P

Yup, It's beautiful.. =)
Too bad the ticket is so expensive.

Thanks! =D

Julez said...

Oh had me smiling when i saw your photo with the green "elephant". Haha...very creative (that includes your model pose)*winks*

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