Saturday, December 13, 2008

TM Amazing Race - Survivor Night

29 November 2008 @ Regency Hotel, Port Dickson

After the race, we cleaned ourselves up and get changed for the Survivor Night! It's supposed to be a themed party, but we didn't dress up like a survivor. Many dressed up like army troops though.

The night started with speeches, usual lah...

While waiting to eat, we opened our door gift upon attending the Survivor's Night. We also got some TM Ringgit [fake money] where we get to bid for some items later on.

Tada! 4 beautiful crystal apples. And I got myself a green one.... *yucks*

All four crystal are of different shapes and sizes, because they're handmade I guess. I like the red one... Cheryl, can change with me? =P

The night officially started with 2 men playing with fire. I was so close with the fire I thought it's going to burn my ass.

wow, blowing fire from his mouth! [sorry pic blurred]

The feast began and everyone rushed to fetch the food. In a blink of an eye, all the BBQ chicken wing, BBQ mutton, BBQ beef and etc etc BBQ stuffs are gone... =.="

I didn't take much photos of the food, because by the time I want to get my food. There isn't much left already.

While eating, they're performances from Funky Sox [a group of four sexy girls], shuffle dance [by some young boys] and a live band, singing lovely songs.

Funky Sox in action

Sometimes, the girls came down to the stage and dance near the tables. I shot one of them dancing right behind me....

Look at the Emcee's expression at 1:14, and I ter-shaked my camera because I laughed. He was showing the faces of the men watching Funky Sox pulling up their skirts to a friend. Ha! Caught on camera!

Live Band

After everyone stuffed themselves with food, it's time for prize giving ceremony and announcing the winners! We were all very anxious on whether we will win or not.

hampers, hampers, prizes, prizes [taken before the night starts]

The fifth place went to some other team...

And forth place goes to.... Team N. O. O. B. Z.!! What?! The Emcee can't read the word Noobz... That's us!! Team Noobz!! We won forth!!

I didn't really expect that to come... Was crossing my fingers to be in the top 3.. but we lost just by a few points. =(

All the winners

The night ended with a 5 minutes fireworks right at the beach itself. It was a very nice ending for the night. Everyone was really really tired and no mood for mid night party. Pity the live band still playing and singing their songs there lah...

We went to the girls' room to open the prize. Before that, take a photo first. Smile! =)

Prizes, medals, Crystal apples and certificates of participation

When we opened up... there you have it, 4 coffee makers... I don't drink coffee and even if I like coffee, I don't need that in my house lah. None of us were very glad about the prize though...

The faces of glad-to-win-something-but-I-got-a-coffee-maker

Well, I was really glad that we won something out of the race and not going back empty-handed. But a little dissatisfaction of getting a coffee maker and not any CASH!

If we were to get a few more points and not made some silly mistakes in the race, we would have won some ka-chings.

We spent one more night at the hotel and drive home after the breakfast on the next day.

Nevertheless, I am really happy to have a strong team for the race. THANKS WoonLee, ChiaPoh and Cheryl!! Billy, out.

Note: Please don't "wat" me to treat because I only win 4th and I didn't win cash. TQ =P
Note2: *I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up* damn the song keeps repeating in my mind...


leo said...

cant stop laughing when i see Note 2..haha.tat's annoying..somemore we were siting right in front of dat speaker tat nite!

anyway, i am also happy la to hav a strong team..but i m sorry to tell tat i still cannot forget the 'incident' happened during the race, and after the race lo..haa..scary scary...

ohya, another great thing is, it's great to know a new fren, cheryl during this race..haha..n now she is also in our TM gang d..haa

Eu Hua said...

well. At least u get a coffee maker. You can sell it and get urself a slr funding... :p

Julez said...

Coffee maker?? They sould have supplied coffee beans for you all as well... Haha. But i think the four of you did great. Congrats!

p/s: since when do you write "ass" and "damn" in your blog?? =)

pp/s: i'm in office now.. *note: its a S-U-N-D-A-Y!!!*

Billy said...

haha.. yea, my ears were really suffering whole night. and please forget the "incident" lah... =\

[eu hua]
good idea eh.. but who wants to buy a coffee maker???

I prefer they just give me the coffee beans loh... hahaha...
Thanks! =)

p/s: They're rarely used, but I think I used them before. =P

pp/s: kesian... =\

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