Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bolt, Speak!

24 November 2008 @ TGV, 1 Utama

Once again, I was lucky enough to get myself a couple of free tickets, to watch the premiere screening of the latest animation by Walt Disney, BOLT.

The story revolves around a cute little white doggie by the name of Bolt, who "has" superpowers like super strength, laser eye, lighting speed and the ultimate SuperBark! But he got separated from his person whom he thought was kidnapped by the green-eyed-man.

Mitten, the bad cat turns out to be Bolt's best friend and taught him a lot of things, including how to beg for food using the innocent-doggie-look. Ha!

Rhino, the hamster lives in the world of idiot box and he's a big fan of Bolt. He knows every single super-moves of Bolt and his dream is to see the live action of Bolt's SuperBark.

That's Bolt and his person. Bolt is devoted to protect his person for the rest of his life until he forgot how to live his doggie life.

ChiaPoh, me and Shaz [xFresh FM DJ]

What will happen to the superdog, Bolt? And how Mitten help Bolt in finding the truth? Will Rhino be able to see the real SuperBark? Catch all these in this exciting and funny movie, Bolt at your nearest cinema now!

Thanks Shaz for inviting me for the premiere screening. Billy, out.


Xjion89 said...

oooo, was it nice?
I wanna go and watch tat movie too(^^)

Alicoa said...

Thanks William for inviting me for the premiere screening. (",)

leo said...

aiyo aiyo, william a, i oso long time never watch movie d wor, y never invite me?haha..

Billy said...

It's nice! It's hilarious!
You should give it a go.. =)

No problem! =D
Hope you enjoyed it~

If I get free tickets next time I ajak you lor.. haahaha.. =P

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

me too me too..
bring me too....=p

samantha said...

yerrr, how come you got free passes wannnn?!

Billy said...

i brought you once already mah...
hahaha.. line up and wait for your turn.. =P

hehe.. juz lucky i knew someone =P

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