Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Early Christmas BBQ Night

7 December 2008 @ My House

Christmas is just around the corner... WAIT!! Today is Christmas eve already!

I'm still in the office lingering around. Supposingly, I have some articles to read and some tasks to follow up but I'm totally not in mood at all, perhaps because I'm drooling all over thinking about all the potatoes I'm going to eat at my aunt's Christmas dinner later in the evening. Haha!

my house punya miserable small christmas tree

My parents went overseas for vacation while my youngest brother went to aunt's house to stay for a few days. The house is literally empty for me to turn it upside down.

How can i waste this great opportunity to create a big mess in the house with a bunch of friends? Without any doubt, I organized a BBQ Party with my TM Gang to celebrate early Christmas.

sausage, pork, lamb shoulder, chicken wing

For the first time ever, I had to prepare almost everything by myself with some help from bro and the my friends.

Since I thought I know where the BBQ utensils are, I never bother to ask my parents before they leave. I realized the things weren't where I thought were supposed to be at. Shucks! Searched high and low before I finally found them well-hidden inside a styrofoam box in the utility room.

Chicken wings and POTATOES

Bad luck strikes again as the mashed potatoes tasted a bit like vanilla while the sauce for carbonara is totally spoilt. Luckily my bro managed to fix it somehow with his secret recipe. It wasn't not as good as Italiannies but at least it was edible.

D' Sausageman

Before we could even start grilling, rain drops started to pour from the sky. And we had to move everything to the little covered area at the side of my house. With 2 pillars, few plants, 3 benches, 1 table and everyone around, there aren't any more space to move around.

D' Chickenwingman

Well, at least everybody had lotsa fun. The BBQ team keeps on BBQ-ing and eats very little while the Eating team keeps eating and *ahem*... Hahaha! Thanks to the eating team there weren't much food left.

SooAnn (pic below) was the special guest of the night. I wasn't really expecting her to join us but she came with EuHua! A christmas surprise for me eh? Haha... Anyway, it's good that we have another girl to join us. =)

SooAnn & Christmas tree [my secondary school friend]

After filling up our tummies and clearing up all the stuffs [thanks those who helped], Mike switched on some movies, some played Blokus, and some were really tired.

TM Gang who made it to my house [sorry for those who can't make it]

Took group photos, EuHua and SooAnn went home while the rest just snoozed off!

JooLi, Me, WoonLee, SooAnn [top]
Mike, EuHua, WeiHoong, HanChin [bottom]

JooLi was supposed to drive to WoonLee's house to put a night there. But seems like everybody is too tired to even move an inch. In the end, all left my house after lunch the next day.

There's supposed to be a Secret Santa game on the same night, in which everyone buy a present to give to a mystery receiver. Due to some difficulties in the time coordination, it has been postponed to another day, which shall be my next post! Billy, out.

Note: Sorry nier for letting you sleep on the sofa...
Note2: Special thanks to EuHua's brilliant pictures.


leo said...

wow again..u update ur blog during work..AGM not in isit?haha..

and u write in so detail!haha..

erm, wat else?Merry Christmas~~yeah~~

Billy said...

haha.. panai, AGM not around but I believe many people saw me updating my blog...

yea, it's been a long time since I write in such details already.. =P


EuHua said...

Wa.... during this at work. Anyway, merry christmas.

Billy said...

Haha... yea.. =P
Merry Christmas to you too!

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