Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KTTM Fun Bowling 2008

30 November 2008 @ Sunway Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid

Right after the early breakfast on the last day at Regency Hotel [for the TM Amazing Race], the four of us had to rush back as I had to go to Sunway Pyramid for bowling competition!

Yup, this is the second consecutive event of TM that I joined, in just the first month working there. It's the KTTM Fun Bowling 2008, organized by Kelab TM Teknologi Maklumat!

Diana and Aimi were there too!
[same batch as me working on the same floor]

As the name applies, it's open to all the staffs in the Group IT, while some of the vendors were invited to join in the fun too.

There were so many prizes to be given away. Winner, runners-up, two consecutive strikes, turkey, coloured head pin strike and vertical strike (team).

Team Gabenor - Me, Zainal, Hasimah, Mainunah (GM)

I was dragged to be a representative from my department because they'll be shuffling the players with other departments. I had to team up with the General Manager from IT Governance, Pn. Maimunah, along with her staff, Kak Shimah and one from ITSSO, En. Zainal. We are Team Gabenor!

The few GM's and Vice President of IT will bowl first to officiate the start of KTTM Fun Bowling 2008! Then we continue to play three games to decide the winner.

Those GM's and VP are really pro. The GM in my team even got her own bowling ball and her own bowling shoes! Geesh, and her score was better than me. *hide my face* =P

Let's skip the scores part *ahem*... We then had lunch and prize giving. I didn't wait till the end coz' I was too tired from the Amazing Race and I knew I didn't win.

I reached home around 3pm and dropped dead on the bed. But it was fun. I had a really great weekend. Billy, out.


Ju Ann said...

Hey Billy! I link you k! :)

leo said...

haa..u looked really tired!
like u goin to pengsan anytime!
let's go bowling~haha..so sad that day cant get to play..

samantha said...

seriously, how did you score? :]

dayat said...

How come i didn't know anything about this club ? .. even diana n aimi also there ..
waaa .. island me alone .. x(

Billy said...

[ju ann]
thanks! I linked you too.. =)

I looked really tired ah? =\
Let's go bowling~~

My score.... plus minus 100 only.. pretty low.. =P

I also didn't know about it. Kak leha told me about it one. Hehe.. I think ITSSO got enough representatives already.... =P

Xjion89 said...

hohoho, bowling is so cool leh. Ooo, marks are not everything. hehe...

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