Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pit Stop 2: Bangkok, The City of Life

6 June 2008 @ Thailand

After 3 hours of bumpy ride, we reached the border line of Cambodia and Thailand!

Video of us crossing the border.

After checking out Cambodia and checking in Thailand, we tried to look for a bus, train, van or any transport that can take us to Bangkok.

Along the way, it's quite chaotic as you can see children asking for money from tourists. There was a little boy trying to be nice, carrying a big umbrella walking with me to protect me from absorbing excessive of Vitamin D.

How nice of him but I needed the vitamins, so I walked as fast as possible trying to get rid of him. Anyway, being nice is not his real intentions.

After we've confirmed our tickets to Bangkok, me and Kuan head off to the nearby food stalls to grab some food. With little knowledge about Thai language and Thai food, we bought some fried chickens.

While we were away, MinBee saw a little kid asking for money from a Caucasian. [you know lah, these ang moh very generous one] So, he gave him some cash.

A normal reaction would be saying thank you and leave. NO! The kid called his friends and threaten the poor tourist for more money. Luckily, there's a Thai lady who scolded the kids and they ran away. Phew~

Off we go, another 3 hour ride to Bangkok...

We arrived later than expected due to the congested roads in the city. Nevertheless, we managed to settle down after surverying a few guesthouses.

Due to the lack of food intake for the whole day, our tummies trumbled like thunderstorm. We head on to McDonald's at MBK Mall because it's the fastest food available.

Ronald also know how to do the Wai

My set meal

yummiez fish fillets.. [why M'sia don't have this?]

Pork Burger and Thai-flavoured Fried Chicken [also not available in M'sia]

While having our meals, we looked across the street and saw this restaurant by the name, Hum Saap Yum Saap. Out of curiousity, we went over to look at their menu. [and we did try out their food on the last day in Bangkok]

It was getting late and there wasn't much to see. We just hang around MBK Mall and Siam Discovery Mall.

The security here is quite tight. Everyone has to go through the metal detector before you can enter the mall or subway station. I wonder if bombings always happen at these places...

While I was happily snapping pictures here and there, I saw this sign.

Ooopz... Who cares, I continue to snap. Haha!

You want to know what we saw? I'll tell you at the end of the post.

Then we head back to our guesthouse. We saw this on both sides of the pedastrian bridge.

Traffic Jam! Yay! That's the life of a city. Billy, out.

Note: Oh, what we saw in Peep? It's nothing. Haha... We were disappointed too...

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cc said...

OMG! I want the double fillet burger!!!!!

Billy said...

I wish McD in M'sia sells that too... =(

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Pork burger?
I ate quite alot when i was in UK.
Miss it so much~ =)

Billy said...

Everywhere got pork burger, except Malaysia... =\

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