Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food Hunt in Bangkok

7 June 2008 @ Bangkok

Our official first day in Bangkok!

First we walked around Siam Square to find some Thai food to satisfy our taste buds. We took quite some time to decide on what to eat because everything is written in Thai language.

Pink Cabs can be found everywhere

We finally went into a noodles shop and guess how we order our food! We had to point at the type of noodles we want and tell the cook "soup" or "no soup". Funny enough, their noodles are called kuey tiaw too!

These side dishes we ordered by pointing at the pictures displayed in the shop.

The taste of the noodles and side dishes are some what similar to the usual stuffs we can find in a Chinese food stall.

This photo below is taken on top of a pedestrian bridge. The door in the middle is the entrance to the MBK shopping mall and u can see the metal detector thingy behind the guard.

Our next mission is to buy the train ticket to Chiang Mai. So, after acquiring some information from the Tourist Information Centre. We took a bus to the Hua Lamphong Train Station.

LeongKee & Me [back], Kuan and MinBee [front]

See how big the "rod" is!

This is the Train Station. Pink taxis everywhere again.

After we confirmed our seats to Chiang Mai, we head on to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. As its name implies, it only opens on weekends.

Another security guard - checks your bag before you can enter the station

SS again =P

Remember him? The guy who sleeps whenever he sits? Haha.. =P

Here we are! The Chatuchak Weekend Market is gigantic. Loads of people, loads of food, loads of stuffs to see and loads of money gone... There are people who even provide courier services to send the stuffs you bought here back to your own country.

Thus, we started our food hunt. First we saw coconut ice-cream! It's really refreshing on a big hot day. They even give coconut water when you buy their ice-cream. It's really good.

Opposite the ice-cream stall, we saw JJ Spring Roll. [Chatuchak is also known as JJ] There're many varietys of spring rolls where you can mix and match coz' they all cost the same. We bought a few pieces to try.

Then, we saw this stall with many people queueing up. It looks like ABC and cendol so we decided to buy one to have a try since everyone is getting thirsty.

Wooo.. looks nice! But taste sucks! Not recommended. i don't know what are the ingredients in there but the taste is very weird. Some more the ice are in very big pieces. Our dear friend LeongKee thinks it's nice, so we let him finish the rest. Haha...

freshly blended fruit juice - sluurps...

We also bought some balls to eat.

Before we head back, we bought some drinks to rehydrate ourselves. We went back using another type of transportation in Bangkok, the Sky Train. [it's just like LRT lah]

Went back to our guesthouse for a little rest and make room for the buffet dinner we planned to have in the evening. Billy, out.

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deyan said...

the foods look so delicious...
feel so hungry now...ciao for supper first...

Billy said...

how's your supper in HK?

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

LOL.Bangkok so many interesting things!CAn't wait to go there next year =) . Lovely shots for this post...

Billy said...

oh? You're going to Bangkok next year? wow... have fun there =P

Bangkok Hotels said...

Wishing you have a good trip in Bangkok and Good luck. By the way i will waiting fo ryour sharing traveling story.

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