Sunday, August 31, 2008

Real & Virtual

23 August 2008 @ Times Square

I was supposed to go to the Read While Waiting Project [RWP] by RA with PuiYee. But because I woke up late and need to do some errands, I had to ffk my friend. *sorry*

So, I showed up in Times Square to meet her up for a couple of rounds of bowling to make it up with her.

I've not been playing bowling for ages but it was fun. This is my best score of the day.

I was quite excited because I have been playing Bowling Buddies in Facebook for some time. After getting a hand at it, it's quite easy to spare most of the frames and get a few strikes in a game.

That's the difference between reality and virtual world.

Then, we went to meet up with PengThian [another primary schoolmate of mine who's working in Times Square] and PehLing [PuiYee's friend]. We had dinner at Food and Tea.

Each of us ordered this mini pizza as we're not that hungry at that time. We ordered all 3 flavours and all of 'em taste great!

PuiYee and PehLing then head off to Night of Keys in KLCC while I send PengThian home.

It was a short outing but a fun one. Billy, out.

Note: My dear friends who beat me in Bowling Buddies, let's go play the real bowling sometimes eh? =P


Captain Boondoggle said...

What's wrong with your balls?

deyan said...

Just ring/txt me...
Aiya...maybe after your induction course, i will show you virtual world = real world ^^

hahaha...just kidding :P

s|awcHeNg said...

kakaka...masuk longkang berapa kali..? wait u take leave *i wonder bila..* then we go play bowling k..^.^

lclun said...

Yaya, after 2 weeks then maybe we can go out main together...i want to see how good i m in the real world ^^

puiyeel said...

havent play after so fun! altho i lauyah XD
let's play more ^_^

Billy said...

[captain boondoggle]
My balls are fine. Thanks for your concern. =P

Sure I will, just afraid that someone won't be in Malaysia jek.. Hehehe...

Masuk longkang? Nolar.. I pro one.. at most masuk longkang few times only.. LOLz

U never play real bowling before? Izzit because the ball is heavier than you? Haha...
I shall see when you come play with me next time. =P

Practice makes perfect!
Let's play more often~ yeah! =)

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