Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot

20 August 2008 @ Kuchai Lama

Before we head off to Putrajaya for fireworks, we had dinner at Kuchai Lama - Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot (重庆鸡公煲), recommended by my friend, Carmen.

So, we ordered 2 pots. One with chicken and another one with pork ribs. We chose the lowest level of spiciness, as a start. [there're 3 levels of spiciness to choose]


After having a couple of pieces, we challenged ourselves by asking the waitress to increase the level of spiciness to one of the pots. You can really feel the difference!

Introducing the people who took the challenge. First, Carmen, the one that lead us to this shop. The one that cannot tahan spicy the most.

Carmen - Ah~ so spicy.. drink more water...

Me - fu.. ha.. I love spicy but I can't take it. fu.. ha...

Phuah - thumbs up! [he's enjoying the excitement]

Eunice - it's good but I still need the water...

After eating everything from the pots, we requested to add in more soup for steamboat. Yes, we can add in other stuffs picked from the fridge inside the shop.

There're various vegetables, noodles and meatballs to be added into the soup. Each basket priced from RM1 to RM4.

Carmen putting in the yee mee into the soup

looks like clay pot yee mee

looks like Bak Kut Teh

Then I saw this sticker on the window - this shop has been featured in Ho Chak! by 8TV!

If you like spicy food, it's worth a try. Check out their highest level of spiciness and let me know whether your lips turned into a "double sausages".

Thanks Carmen for bringing us there. Enjoyed it. Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks hot and delicious

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow...looks very special and interesting indeed. Didn't know got such thing.

Yun Yi said...

ur blog is torturing me...
i'm more desperate for Malaysian food now....sobz

kinda sick of korean food d


Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
indeed hot and delicious =)

ya, i also dunno.. My friend brought me there one. I think Kepong got one branch also but dunno where...

Haha.. 1 more month only. Fighting!
Come back eat eat eat!! =P

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