Friday, August 29, 2008

I've Graduated!

10 August 2008 @ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

Finally, I get to post about my Convocation after more than 2 weeks. Thank you for being so patient.

So, this is the 9th MMU Convocation 2008!

For those who haven't experience this, let me tell you, it's a very very boring thing. You go up the stage for 15 seconds to receive the scroll and you have to wait 4 hours until everybody gets theirs.

Let's skip the boring part and head for the pictures, aye?

My first friend in MMU, My roommate in hostel, My housemate in BaoBao, My FYP partner
He has various names: Solid, Overlord, The Drift King, Babi, etc etc...

My best buddy in MMU. He's one hell of a smart and all-rounder guy. *jealous*
He's the one that tried our luck in TARA3. We failed and ended up travelling 3 countries together.

My buddies in this 3 years, graduated together!

The 3 zodiacs of lunar calander representing the 3 of us.

Took some pictures with lecturers, Mr. Wong, who has been very helpful and encouraging.[he never taught me though]

This is the new dean of Faculty of IT - Dr. Ho Chin Kuan

The Korean gang - 5 trainees & 1 traveller in Korea [June to October 2007]

[L-R: ChauLun, DeYan, ChinNam, SuHan, ShinKeat & Me]

This is suppose to be a photo with my coursemates but the Korean gang joined in. So now it's the ISE + Korean gang!

[Top: XinWei, ChinNam, ChauLun, ShinKeat,
Patrick, Denise, Teresa, Me, DeYan, Anie]


Throwing the mortar boards.. Yay!

Love them so much

My last time in MMU. Bye Bye~

Here're some of the things received on that day.

Tiggie! [gift from PuiYee] Now my little white tiger [bought in Korea] has a new younger brother. ^^

My 2 little white tigers

Certificates, E-transcript, Card and the 08 tassel from my mortarboard

Three years ended in a blink of an eye. Now we all have to start a new chapter in life. Good luck to all my friends. Billy out.

to be continue...

Note: This post is separated into 2 posts because there're too many photos.


Borneo Falcon said...

Congratulation man! Good luck in your future undertaking

teresa said...

haha, long awaited entry ~ =P
Yeah, 3 years is just like a blink of an eye but we have gone through so much!
Remember, we used to talk NON-STOP in the class towards the ending of our study year? hahaha...That's the best part for us, right?
Congratulation for getting yourself a First Class Honour! ~

Xjion89 said...

OOOO, Congratz!!!!!!!!!
Looking smart, handsome, happy, the same time.
Wish u all the best in the future(^^)
U r MMU, taking wat course?

puiyeel said...

Congratz again on ur 1st Class Honour =)

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
Yo, thx a lot dude.

Ya.... I missed your non-stop, high-pitched voice now.. Hahaha... Kepp in touch ya. =)

Haha... thank you, thank you..
I took IT, major in Information Systems Engineering (ISE).

Thanks! and also thanks for Tiggie! =P

gio said...

new chapter of life ~~
giv u a warm welcome~~
cos inside office is so cold...;p

Yun Yi said...

u din tell me u get 1st class geh~
*pura2 dunno u panai ppl*


congratz congratz!!!

may everything go smooth smooth XD

lclun said... first fren and roommate in hostel(although juz stayed for exactly 1 week then ciao) is de yan...hahaaa XD

anyway jz ignore my crap and congratz and hope all the best to u!

deyan said...


You exchange few seconds on the stage with few yrs of effort...

All the best in your career and be happy always :)

Billy said...

Haha.. thanks..
Bring a jacket! =P

Panai pura-pura ah...
Thx to u too~ =)

aiya, where got crap lar....
that's y u and him soooooo.... "intimate" ler.. hahaha =P

yalor... 3 years == few seconds on stage.. some more need to wait so long to get outta there..
Hahaha... I'm happy as always =D

To teresa, gio, lclun, deyan: Congratz to u all too! =)

David Wornica said...


s|awcHeNg said...

first honour mia orang...~~
Gong xi! Gong Xi~~
Just realize, din congratz u although we met like so many times tis weEk..

Hean Ginn said...

hey congrat .. but i hate to say this . babi look so cute ... XD

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Very nice pics =)

Billy said...

Thanks, everyone!

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