Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Forza 2 Drift "King"

The photos and videos below are taken in the apartment which I shared with three other so called "Xtreme Piggy Gamerz".

Xbox 360

24" Pensonic CTV [and rubbish around]

Six original 360 games

Note there are two Assassin's Creed [English version and Japanese version] because my dear housemate bought online and chose the wrong language. So, he bought another one... Ha!

Here comes the part where he thinks he's drift king. He stole my old Nikon 4600 and recorded 2 videos of his drifting skills using RX7 in Forza 2 Motorsport WITHOUT sound.

Seems like his video got a bit of attemtion from the youtube community. And please don't complaint about the no-sound-drift-sucks.

Well, I can't deny that he's really good in this but there're still plenty of room for improvement [because he trailed way far behind when competing with other players online]. Hahaha...

"I am CS drift king!" - Overlord

Good luck dude. =P Billy, out.


OverLord said...

walao =.= thanks billy zai, i am shy de~ *shy shy*... but for ur sake, i will try my best to be a humble drift king(without the double quotes XD ). wahahahaha, don forget, i am humble~ cheerz for me LOL

Billy said...

Humble drift king.....


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