Monday, April 14, 2008

A Shit is Still A Shit

Dear readers, this is plainly for entertainment purpose only. If you are sensitive about shits, please close the window immediately.

Flys love shit

Flys flew away because shit has no more smell. Shit is frustrated.

Shit put some make up. Flys came back for shit though the smell is artificial.

A shit is still a shit and flys do love shit. Billy, out.

*Sorry for my ugly drawings. =P*


kuanzai said...

People hang around with axxhole.

Axxhole did some shit, people get away from axxhole.

Axxhole give some sweet and cover shit with own pride, people gets back to axxhole.

Is this the implication of human side?

beau said...

cheers for flys,

good description and nice art.u can be my game artist.The shit is very

Billy said...

[Kuanzai] No, it's the implication of the shit side. Haha.. Anyway, nice description there. =P

[beau] Thanks! Thanks! Yes, indeed the shit is very shitty. lolz~~

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