Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pre-Prom Preparation

20 April 2008 @ D'Trend Salon, Equine Park

In conjunction with the prom night organized by Engsoc and SwimClub, I went for a hair cut and styled up my hair. [Ok, I admit I'm very noob in styling my hair] So, I tagged along XinWei, Denise and Jessica to a salon in Equine Park.

My golden mane

XinWei's purplish hair

Jessica's curly long hair

Denise's silverish yeng hair

The hair stylist did some pretty good job I'd say. We then head home to change [and make-up for girls] and get ready for the big thing! Billy, out.

To be continue...

P.S. Jess: No plagiarism done, don't sue me! =P
P.S. Others: I need more photos, or else there won't be any "to be continue" =(

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