Tuesday, April 01, 2008

UM Music Showcase 2008

19 March 2008 @ Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya

I received an SMS from BoonHui inviting me to attend the UM Music Showcase which is held 3 times a year. But this time, will be the biggest showcase ever held. It's organized by the Cultural Centre of UM.

I picked up EuHua and PuiYee [she has a friend performing too] on the way as they wanted to watch the show as well. Due to the heavy rain and massive traffic on the road, we were late. Luckily, we didn't miss BoonHui's performance.

Choir [my friend was standing in the middle of the back row]

Me and BoonHui [studying Musical Performance majoring in Piano in UM]

Mambo Influenciado

Gaia Kosalia

Violin performance by Jessica Ding

Piano solo by Tan Hsieh Chih, playing a Chopin's piece

lively Latin Percussion

The showcase ended with House of Rhythm, an idea created and composed by the music students themselves. There are 3 major themes in the performance; living room, bathroom and kitchen. All in which the students will use the equipments and tools found in the respective areas of the house to play music.

Living room [newspapers, brooms, mops, wastepaper baskets, television]

Bathroom [pails, rubber hose, washboard, cups, brushes, stools]

All together [Kitchen on the right using REAL knives, chopping boards, pans, ladles, spoons]

Here's a video of the finale of the show [House of Rhythm]. Please bear with the poor quality of video.

The whole performance was quite interesting as I quite enjoy listening to music myself. All thanks BoonHui for inviting me [though I've rejected her a few times due to my busy-ness]. I'm looking forward for the showcases to come. Billy, out.


puiyeel said...

thanks for letting me tag alongggg T-T if not no chance see my fren also le and the show is great ^_^

Eu Hua said...

Banana Papaya ~~ Paya Paya

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