Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Hats are Meant for Big Heads

There's a phrase in the Chinese sayings "If you don't have such big head, then don't wear such big hat". It means that don't do something that you're not capable of doing.

Learn your lesson. Promise only what you think you're capable. Find the right hat or just make your head bigger. Billy, out.


gio said...

the second rule will be..
no matter the hat is big or small,
juz dun wear the green wan..

Eu Hua said...

well, something must have happen, that's why you post this up.

Jessica said... so true!
tat oso include u have a tiny-winny brain even u've a BIG head. =))

Billy said...

I wore green hat before, when I took part in the Rumah Hijau marching squad on sports day. Hahaha....

I'd say it helps me to be a better person. =)

Haha.. Yea you're so right!

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