Friday, April 25, 2008

First Research Paper Accepted

FYP frenzy is finally over. Clap clap to those who has successfully completed and submitted their final report. Good luck to all in the coming presentation.

A moment ago, I was checking out the KMICe 2008 (Knowledge Management International Conference) site and saw that they have updated the site.

Of course, I checked out the accepted papers link immediately... And I found it!

This is actually my first time writing a research paper. I thought the chances of getting selected was very slim. But who knows, first time and got selected! All thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Ng and my project partner, KyukWei.

The paper is about searching DNA stored in object-oriented database. Well, I wouldn't want to get too technical here. If you're interested, you can drop me a message so I can send you the whole thing to read. =P

The conference is organized by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and will be held at Langkawi in June. Too bad I won't be in Malaysia at that time, probably watching some ah kua's dancing in Thailand. Billy, out.

[will update abouot enchanted night soon]

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