Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enchanted Night 2008: Starlight Serenade

20 April 2008 @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Finally, I've got enough photos to post about my MMU prom night. While scanning through the photos, I feel slightly reluctant to post them up. Changed my mind though.

I'm not going to elaborate about that night because the food sucks, the waiter was slow, the performances were not entertaining, the music was wrong, the flow of program wasn't smooth, the emcee's voice was unclear... etc. So, just enjoy the photos.

Me and Jillian [my prom date]

My training mates in Korea

The sexy ladies from table 19

The handsome hunks *ahem* from table 19

[standing] Me + Jillian, Belle + Damien
[sitting] YitMeng + Teresa, Daniel + PingNe, XinWei + Denise

Badminton gang

Connie [prom queen], Jessica, Denise, Dayze, Jillian, Belle

My coursemates [the ISE gang]

The loud and talkative Teresa [she called it Interactive]
There wouldn't be as much fun as we had without her

The top student, Daniel

And... the worst student, WeiHock! [but he's a good joker]

Teresa and Me

Jillian & Me, XinWei's head, Teresa & YitMeng

Jessica and me

WaiSeng [prom king finalist] and me

ShinHean and me [we wore similar shirt]

Me, Jillian, PingNe, Daniel and the piano

Group shot

The FIT's

We snap snap snap snap snap photos till past midnight and realized that we were the last bunch of people leaving the hotel. The night is still young, next stop: McDonalds!

Me, XinWei & Denise with our "yeng" hair

The long table in McD

We chatted till 2am something before someone suggested to go back. We were all dead tired.

Slept at Marriott Hotel [looks familiar?]

It reminds me of the night where ther five of us and SuHan [leftmost] slept at the lobby of Renaissance Hotel in Seoul.

Though most of my buddies in MMU didn't go to the prom, I did enjoy myself with the bunch of people there. Not to forget, thanks Jillian for being my prom date and Steven for letting me do so. Hope that everyone has a great future ahead after graduation. Billy, out.

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