Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seoul Night 2

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Midnight, 28 October 2007 @ Streets of Seoul

So, we came out of Everland around 10.30pm to catch a bus back to downtown to take the subway back to our guesthouse. We realized the last bus we’re supposed to take has taken off. So we had no choice but to take another bus to another area of the city.

We arrived downtown at around 11.50pm and found out that the subway is closed. [Subways in Seoul close its operation at 11.30pm on weekends] From that moment onwards, we don’t know what to do.

If we take a taxi back, it’ll cost us quite a lump sum because it’s quite far and we need 2 taxis for 5 people. [The Koreans are quite firm on the rules] Not only that, SuHan is staying at another place, her friend’s house, which is not so convenient for her to go back alone by cab. So, we wandered around the streets… thinking of a solution…

wandering around.. cluelessly...

[1am] We ate something light to keep ourselves warm in the cold weather while we look at the map of Seoul. We saw Renaissance Hotel not far from where we are. So, we walked for 30 minutes to this hotel to check in pretend we want to get a room. Our intention is to just sleep at the lobby. We pretend to check out the maps and doze off after that. ZZzzzz…

The 5 star hotel where we slept for one hour

[3am] 1 hour later, I was awaken by the noise of some people talking. I open my eyes to see some staffs of the hotel asking my friend “Are you staying in this hotel?” After my friend answered “No”, he said “Please leave”. So I wiped off my saliva, rubbed my eyes, carried my backpack and walk towards to door. Once again, we drifted along the streets without any direction.

[3.30am] It was really cold outside. So, we stopped at one of the convenience stores to buy some cup noodles. We eat them inside the shop to keep out of the cold and we’re trying to eat as slow as possible [even taking turns to eat] so that we can stay as long as possible in the shop. Nevertheless, we all finish eating and we have to leave. Sleepy, tired and cold….

[4am] We thought the subway station would be a warm place to get some rest. But there’s a problem, we can’t find any chairs as the waiting area was locked up. We walked for a while and found that one of the waiting areas has opened. We sat down to get some rest.

[4.30am] The gates to the subway is opened! We quickly get down to catch the first train and guess what, the first train is arriving at 5.30am. I’ve never seen the subway being so quiet. All the stations used to be full of people. We found ourselves a bench start snoring away…

6 of us sleeping on the bench at subway station

See the clock? It shows 4.52am

The staffs are not at the ticketing counter yet

Empty on the right...

Empty on the left...

Playing with his white tiger

Hugging her out-of-shape-sheep stuff toy

There’s no one else to accompany us except the stuff toys we bought at Everland. =P

At 5.30am, we caught the first train and head back to our respective sleeping place. It’s almost 7am when we got back to our room. What an unusual and unforgettable experience we had, having to walk around the streets of Seoul, clueless, sleepy and tired all night till the sun rises. We managed to get through the cold night though. Cheers, to the six of us! Billy, out.


7018 said...

lol.. now that was cool... XDDD

gio said...

not only cool...
it was cold too... =p

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