Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jeju Day 4

25 October 2007 @ Hallim Park [한림공원]

Our first destination for the last day in Jeju Island is the huge Hallim Park. Hallim Park consists of many sections which include Hyeopjae and Ssangyong Caves, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Jae-Am Folk Village, Bird Garden, Water Garden and Subtropical Botanic Garden. There’re too much to see in there we spent half a day in the park alone and I’ll just pick some interesting photos to post it up.

ChinNam, DeYan, ChauLun, ShinKeat and me at Hallim Park

Hiding in the cave

Inside the caves

A loooong cave...

Taking photos with the black goats [the background's quite nice though]

Refresh ourself with a bite of ice-cream

Bonsai Garden

Rock Garden

Me and the falling leaves

Playing a traditional Korean game [throwing sticks into the pot]

Bird Garden [see that 2 little birds kissing]

Water Garden [artificial waterfall]

Subtropical Garden [cactus, banana trees, pineapple plants, and all the usual stuffs we can easily see in Malaysia]

We had a simple lunch in a grocery store in front of the park entrance, Bulgogi Burger and a cup of coffee.

25 October 2007 @ Miniature Theme Park

Up next, the much awaited Miniature Theme Park. It’s totally not like the theme park we had in Genting, this theme park has all the landmarks and architectures in the world built in smaller scales. What more can I say? Let the pictures do the talking.

Jeju International Airport right in front of the entrance

Wadda ya lookin' at?

Help! The Pisa tower is falling!

A lady with a torch and a man with a torchlight o_O

5 guys + London Bridge Tower Bridge

O_O! [he kissed me]

4 Moai Giants and... 4 guys pretending to be Moai Giants

The famous Gyeongbook palace in Seoul [going there soon!]

Statue of Buddha

From Korea to US!


From US to China!

To Paris! Wee~~

And India!

Not to forget the only remaining of the original 7 wonders in Egypt

Well, I can’t post everything up here as there are just too many little buildings there. So these are just some of the most famous places you might expect. The cruel rain visited us while we were walking around the theme park. Luckily, it stopped after a while.

It was getting dark when we got out of the wonderful theme park and so we got back to Seogwipo city to get some food and took a stroll down the street. Then, we have to get back to pack to get ready to leave tomorrow morning to Seoul!

Me, Rachel, her friend and ChauLun at the kitchen Jeju Hiking Inn

After cleaning ourselves up, we got down to the hotel lobby to online with our laptop as usual. [Wi-Fi only available on the lobby and yes, we brought our lappies!] There, we met two very nice English people [Rachel and her friend], from Leeds. We chatted and played games and they also suggested some places for us to stay in Seoul. Can’t wait to get to Seoul already. Billy, out.


7018 said...

lol.. thats tower bridge.. not london bridge...

puiyee said...

woa, poser alert~!!
D Eiffel Tower picture, nice shot =D

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