Friday, January 18, 2008

Jeju Day 2

23 October 2007 @ Teddy Bear Museum

As we wanted to utilize every single minute of the day, we decided to wake up early so that we can make it to more places. First stop of the day: Teddy Bear Museum!

As the name said it, the building is full of teddies, teddies and more teddy bears. They have all kinds of teddy bears; you name it, they’ll have it. Not to forget it’s also a museum, which means there’re also some history lessons and the evolution of teddy bears dated way back in time. Well, for those teddy bears fanatics, you may wanna pay a visit to the teddies in Jeju.

ChauLun, ChinNam, DeYan, me, ShinKeat @ Teddy Bear Museum

blue and red teddies

more teddies!!

The infamous Teddilisa

Taking photo with teddy at a stall

Alfred bear in "Gong" korean drama

BBQ-ing with the bear family

Me and the BIG BEAR!

23 October 2007 @ Lotte Hotel, Jeju

The next destination wasn’t really in our plan. The Lotte Hotel was just sitting right at the back of Teddy Bear Museum, so we thought we would just give it a visit. Hell we wasn’t wrong and sacrificing our skins to the mighty sun. The hotel has a huge park with beautiful sceneries. We can even see the seaside at the end of the park. Some parts of the hotel were even the shooting site for Korean drama i.e. All-In.

That's us again @ Lotte Hotel

The park inside the hotel

Windmills in Korea? Hmm... [it's part of the hotel]

23 October 2007 @ Museum and Sex and Health

Rubbing your eyes? No, you didn’t see it wrongly, it’s the SEX MUSEUM. Sounds intriguing for five curious young men. Though the entrance fee was a little high, it was all worth. I bet you can’t find anything like that in Malaysia.

The museum [as its name applies] has countless nude portraits, videos, drawings, statues, books, sex toys, condoms and anything you can think of. It’s not only that though, there’re also a lot of information about the things involved while engaging in a sexual activity like the effect of our senses, playing safe, the positions you can get into, history of sex in different countries and a cafĂ© with lots of books about you-know-what. Too bad we can’t take any photos in there, here’s just one for a tease.

Entrance to the Sex and Health Museum

Different positions and its difficulty level [5 stars implies most difficult position]

23 October 2007 @ Sanbang-san, Sanbang-sa, Hamel Ship

After coming out from the museum, our next destination is around Sanbang-san hill. There’s a temple called Sanbang-sa and Hamel Ship nearby. Looking at the map, our destination seems reachable by “Bus No. 11” aka our feet. NEVER EVER TRUST THE MAP! We walked for more than one hour to make it to Sanbang-san. Our feet were all burned out but at least we made it. =)

The view from the place was great. We also visited the Sanbang-sa temple nearby and watched the sunset there [from a full sun to no sun]. It was spectacular! Well, well, a good comes with a bad. We’re too busy enjoying the sunset and the Hamel Ship was closed just five minutes ago when we got there. Haihz… Nevertheless, we took some photos and set back to Seogwipo city for dinner.

Me on Sanbang-san with the sun setting

once again, the power gingers defeated the.... [what?]

Sanbang-sa temple

Hamel Ship [can only take pictures outside, so sad]

Our dinner!

Our dinner seems the same from yesterday’s, but it’s a different soup. This is called Kamja-tang [Potato Soup] Yummy… After dinner, we walked around the streets and just realized that there’s a very happening street just around the corner near the place we stay and we didn’t even know it. Gah! That’s all for day 2 in Jeju, more to come soon. Billy, out.

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