Monday, January 28, 2008

Seoul Day 3

28 October 2007 @ Kraze Burgers

We woke up around noon time [as we just got back at 7am] go right out for lunch. We looked around and decided to fill our stomachs with Kraze Burgers.
Kraze Burgers was the first premium gourment hamburger restaurant to open in South Korea. As the name says it, it sells all sorts of burgers. [Duh!] All the burgers shown below are priced around US$8.

28 October 2007 @ Coex Mall

After lunch we took a train to Gangnam district to meet Jimmy [MMU lecturer studying PhD in Seoul] at Coex Mall. Coex Mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia and the largest shopping centre in Seoul. There isn't any malls like 1Utama or Midvalley in Seoul, so most people will just crowd in the Coex Mall. We had dinner in one of the restaurants and then head off to Soongsil University.

28 October 2007 @ Soongsil University

This is the oldest university in Seoul. [more than 100 years old now] This is where some of our lecturers from MMU came to study their PhD. So we went there to see the rest of the lecturers with Jimmy guiding us. Thanks Jimmy!

Ms. Soon, Ms Lee, Ms Chua, Mr Jimmy and 5 MMU students

28 October 2007 @ NamDaeMun [南大门]

We just dropped by this "huge southern gate" because it's only nearby from where we were. Snapped a few photos and went back to our guesthouse as it's getting late already.

It was a short day as we started off late and thus not much time to go around. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Seoul and we will go to the famous Gyeongbok palace! Billy, out.

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