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Seoul Day 2

27 October 2007 @ Everland [에버랜드]

Today is Everland day! We’re going to spend the whole day in Everland! Everland is located in Yongin, Seoul and it’s the largest theme park in South Korea. The gigantic theme park is divided into 6 distinct zones: Global Fair [food, souvenirs, pictures], Zoo-topia [zoo, petting zoo Amazon Express and safari bus ride], European Adventure, Magic Land [rides, restaurants, arcades], American Adventure and Everland Speedway. [adapted from Wikipedia]

SuHan, the only girl trainee who went to Korea with us joined us at the bus station to take a bus together to Everland. Without mobile phones to contact each other, we can just pray that the other party can make it and didn’t fong fei gei. We were late but SuHan waited for us patiently. We thought she’d left to Everland herself.

It was a long journey to Everland and I had to stand all the way on the bus. I was sleepy and tired… [trying not to fall asleep and drop down] After about 90 minutes of bus ride, we finally reached Everland! Yee-ha! We were very excited but at the same time very hungry. Without wasting any time, we quickly bought the tickets and make our way to the huge theme park.

Queueing up at the ticketing booths

It's Halloween theme

The first glance of Everland

A lot of people are wearing different kind of caps [including a pumpkin cap, which looks really ridiculuos]

Quite a number of people with Cosplay

The Mega Pumpkin Boy

The first thing we do is to find a restaurant to have our lunch. There’re many restaurants in there and the prices were not cheap too. We just settled ourselves in the one with the longest queue. Hahaha…

I had bibibap while some of them are having kid's set =P

After lunch we took a cable car to another section and start exploring Everland. [Waiting time to get on Human Skyway: 30 minutes]

Me and DeYan on the same car

Polar bears

My favs: white tigers [but they're too fat and not completely white]

Jackass Penguins

A kind of tree-climbing-creature

Piggie [dedicated to my housemates] =P

After looking at all the animals [there’re also dogs, sea lion, eagles, different kinds of primates, foxes, wabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, geese and many more], we decided to take on the Amazon River Ride. [Waiting time: 1hour] The staffs are very entertaining but the ride is just okay.

Their dance is really entertaining while we wait for our turn [SuHan!! I want the video!]

ChinNam and me on the wet ride

It's a candy shop

We also ride on one of the roller coasters [Waiting time: 1 hour, ride time: 1 minute] and the Flying Pirate Ship [Waiting time: 15 minutes]. As you can see, most of our time is wasted on waiting for a ride. We wouldn’t want to get on any rides any more [wanted to try the log flume ride] but the sky is getting dark. So, we had our dinner at the Burger Café. [The provide mustard and the chips were really nice] Then, we walked around the rest of the park and wait for the light and fireworks show at the end. Not much nice photos are taken cause it's really hard to get a clear shot at night.

Double Flying Pirate Ship

This is where we had our dinner

colourful fountains + ghostly shadows

Group shot with the smiling Pumpkin and gargoles at the side

Sarang-hae~~ [traslation: I love you]

The fire generated heater is the best invention ever! [you'll know what I meant when you're in the cold for a long time]

We're in Holland! [The band in playing the same music over and over again]

Ahh.. A night scene of Everland...

We got quite a good spot for the show as we sat there way before it starts. Finally, the show starts at 9pm. It starts off with some laser light show, then some people dancing with costumes and fighting bad guys and finish off with a beautiful firework show.

A group of warriors fighting the bad guy [looks like Darth Vader]

Wow, the bad guy transform into a dragon that spits fire [We can feel the heat of fire from the floor!]

The show finished at 10pm and so does Everland which is going to close soon. I quickly rush to the front of the park to search shop by shop to buy 2 cute little white tigers, in which if I don’t buy it, I think I’ll regret because I really like them very much. Hehehe… My friends also bought some souvenirs back before going out to catch the bus back. Billy, out.

P/S: The story doesn’t stop here. The night is still young and I’ll continue in the next post. =)

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