Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seoul Day 1

26 October 2007 @ Seoul [서울]

We bought a flight to Seoul at 10am and everyone of us were overslept till 7.30am! We rushed to the bus stop to take the 2 hours bus to the Jeju Airport to get on our plane. The situation is so tense as if we were going to be eliminated from The Amazing Race if we didn't get on the flight. [geesh, addicted to TAR]

We reached the airport at 9.50am and the check-in counter is closed. We had no choice but to get our tickets and just drag our luggages along as our hand luggages [luckily we don't have huge luggages]. The flight is delayed for 10 minutes all because of us and we got quite an attention from the passengers when we board the flight. Phew~ At least we got on the plane.

Finally, we reached Seoul! I called a few guesthouses and finally we got ourselves a place in the Windroad Guesthouse. It costs us 15,000 won per person per night and they gave us one freaking small room [1 double decker and 1 queen size bed and hardly any space to walk]! We just put up with that as they provide us [very poor] Wi-Fi and a convenient location [near shops and subway].

After checking in and put down our luggages, we went out to explore Myeongnyun-dong [the place we stay] and Insa-dong [15 minutes walk]. But first, LUNCH! We had our meal at Mr. Pizza.

Yummy Mr. Pizza~

The streets of Myeongnyun-dong

Still in Myeongnyun-dong

Walking to Insa-dong

The building is shooting out light.. woooo...

One of the many palaces in Korea

Another gong [palace]

26 October 2007 @ Insa-dong [인사동]

Insa-dong is just like the Petaling Street in Malaysia. They sell all sorts of stuffs on the street and you have to bargain for prices to get a good deal.

We reached Insa-dong [that's the map of the place]

people mountain people sea

Deok [rice cakes], one of the famous delicacies in Korea

The Korean masks. Ha!

The Samsung Tower

Traffics and skyscrapers at night

I tried the one in the middle [pancake stuffed with mashed potatoes] yum yum~

Full of lights and signboards in this busy street

Wanted to go but never did...

Korean BBQ Pork [ChinNam's first BBQ Pork in Korea]

Saw ROTIBOY on our way back!

The big longkang that many people like to hang out at.

This is a pedestrian bridge on top of the longkang

Nothing much happened today, except for the fact that we almost miss our flight. Other than that, we managed to buy some souvenirs at Insa-dong though our luggages are going to burst [see how thoughtful we are for our friends in M'sia] We are going to Everland tomorrow! Weeee~~~ Billy, out.

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