Monday, April 21, 2008

Past Proms

UTAR Ball 2005 @ Crown Princess Hotel, KL

That was when I first stepped into UTAR. My first prom night. I don't have much friends at that time, so we just booked one table to sit together.

All that are sitting on my table are of the first year students in UTAR. We don't even have a proper camera to take pictures together. I think someone used his/her cellphone to take this group photo and send to me.

UTAR Ball 2006 @ Crowne Plaza Hotel, KL

At this time, I have already "jumped" to Multimedia University (MMU) to continue my degree programme. But my UTARian friends invited me to join in the fun, and so I did.

This time was better. We have some decent cameras and the event was gigantic. I met back some old friends and it was very memorable. I didn't spend much for the event as the suit is borrowed from my uncle. =P [Too bad I wasn't in Malaysia when UTAR Ball 2007 is held]

MMU Enchanted Night @ Marriott Putrajaya

This is my third time attending a prom night. My most expensive one. Ticket price is about 40% more compared to the ones I've attended. I've also spent on my suit and hair.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself thoroughly with all my mates [coursemates, campusmates, assignmentmates, groupmates, trainingmates, badmintonmates housemates]. I shall review about it when I get enough photos from others. Till then, Billy, out.


-waiseng- said...

I'm waiting :D

I wanna go Utar Prom too. When is it? hahaha

Billy said...

Me ain't going any more UTAR prom. Hehe.. Most of my friends graduated already~

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