Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Salin Bujur-bujur

Just read ChunHao's blog about his lecturer's assessment on his philosophy essay. "Do not use Wikipedia!"
[you won't be able to view his blog because he only allows invited people to read]

Suddenly reminds me of what Pn. Harris [my BM teacher] said during my secondary school days.

In Bahasa Malaysia:
"Jangan salin bulat-bulat, salinlah bujur-bujur" - Pn. Harris

Direct translation:
"Do not roundly copy, please ovally copy" - Mdm. Harris

Real meaning translation:
"Do not copy word by word, please change the way you write it" - Mdm. Harris

Well, well, Pn. Harris always made us laugh. So, people who are working on their assignments and projects, remember this golden rule so that you won't get zero for plagiarism ya.

I miss my school days. Billy, out.

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Eu Hua said...

of course, always write in your own words, or you'll get into trouble. They have this software that can detect how many percent of likeness of your article with online materials. So, write safely, and citations too.

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