Friday, May 02, 2008

Final Presentation

30 April 2008 @ MMU

My Final Year Project [FYP] presentation was suppose to start at 4.55pm but our dear moderator was in a meeting at that time. So, we waited for 1 hour along with our faithful spectators before we start showing our work. All the waiting made me so nervous that I actually forgot a lot of things which I'm supposed to say.

Anyhow, our performance was much better compared to the first presentation we had. Kudos to my groupmate, KyukWei [aka Solid, Overlord, Drift "King", Babi] for climbing and falling together with me all the time. [All hails the Java Lord!]

Me and my FYP partner [Our project title so damn long]
thanks JengTat for the photo

Report submitted, Paper accepted and presentation is over. My FYP will be officially over once I submitted my hard cover report and the softcopies. Wootz~

Next week will be my study week. Study week = No class = Preparation for my graduation trip! Yippee! [countdown: exactly 1 month]

All the best to all MMUians in the coming finals. May all pass with flying colours. Billy, out.


gio said...

all da best to all graduation tripper~~~hav a wonderful graduation trip~~

OverLord said...

i jz wanna go home =.=", hilux is calling for me :) wahahaha

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