Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I know, I know... I'm lame.

Yes, I just watched these three blockbuster movies during my study week [instead of studying].

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring [2001]

The first movie of the trilogy was screened about seven years back. I don't go for movies that often back then and even when I had the chance to go to the cinema with a friend, I wouldn't choose to watch Lord of the Rings.

Why? I just don't think it'll be nice to watch. Guessed that I was wrong then.

LOTR: The Two Towers [2002]

All the three films were connected to form a very long story. This live action fantasy epic film is all about a ring, the One Ring. And the quest of a group of people called the "Fellowship of the Ring" to bring the ring to destruction only in the lava of Mount Doom.

The evil ring has caused a lot of death, betrayal, pain and wars to the people in Middle Earth.

LOTR: The Return of the King [2003]

I really like this movie a lot because it is not only action-packed, it shows friendships, love, bravery, hope, determination and trust.

The wars are heart throbbing and exciting as the good guys were often outnumbered by the bad ones. But the spirit of not giving up always turn the table around, from a losing battle to a grand victory. So, we must never give up hope.

Who will ever forget Gollum [Sméagol], the traitor "Preh-shiusss.."

The brave one, the one and only, Frodo Baggins [played by Elijah Wood] I respect his determination to reach Mount Doom.

One of my favourite characters in the movie, Samwise "Sam" Gamgee. He's the only true companion of Frodo from beginning to the end. He's always there for his friend and ever courageous to raise a sword whenever Frodo is in danger. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Though total watching time is near to 10 hours, it is totally worth it. I can say that it is the best and most satisfying movie I've seen thus far.

People who hasn't watch it should really check it out. [but I think not many people are as lame as me to watch it only after so many years] Billy, out.


Jirian said...

A must to watch this movie at cinema! Thought you watched many years ago =.= so outdated :P

"My Preh-shiuss.." - Smeagol ... I can make this sound :P my sisters said sound alike... muahahaha!! Becareful~

Billy said...

Yalor, regret already didn't watch at cinema. Should listen to my friend early early [my friend asked me to watch with him but I rejected, stupid me] =(

Hahaha... you're Smeagol's sister? o_O? =P

puiyeel said...

Lol, guess wat's u have accompany! [Grinnsss] Just much worse =P

Jirian said...

"Hahaha... you're Smeagol's sister? o_O? =P"

muahaha~ "My Preh-shiuss..!!"

aiyo, nvm. you watched the movie. next time wait for LOTR trilogy at cinema [if there is chance 'again']... :P remember bring snacks, popcorn and small pillow and last- enjoy! muahaha!!

Billy said...

Rupa-rupanyer ada orang pun belom tengok.. wakakaka~~

Dunno they will screen the movie in cinema again or not. So long already, don't think it'll be screen anymore. =P

Jessica said...

how can u think the movie won't be nice at first? @_@ it's the best trilogy of a few. (cz mostly it's only nice for the first..but not the second and so on.)
u watch harry potter movies dy? LOTR is way cun than HP.

-quote from a HP fan, book-fan saja :P

Billy said...

I was too lame back then mah. =P

Yes I watched HP movies, and every single one of them. And the movies are getting worse and worse... [disappointed]

I'm HP book fan too! [But read till book 4 only.. HAHA]

Denise said...

omg, u're so outdated. now oni i notices it's been 7yrs ago for the 1st screening. hmm, Sam is said to be a gay fren of frodo as what i heard. so u can try read the book as well from now. :P

Billy said...

Many people told me already. You don't have to tell me again.

Sam is Frodo's gay friend?? o_O

LOTR is one of the hardest book to read. Tonnes of pages with small fonts. Gah! I won't be able to finish it.

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