Wednesday, May 07, 2008

48 hours with NDSL

3 May 2008 to 5 May 2008

Before I went to play golf with my dad the other day, I traded my beloved lappy [laptop] with Kuan's Nintendo DS Lite.

Why? Because his pc broke down at the most crucial time of finishing his final year project and the kind-hearted me borrowed my
wife to him so that he can complete his project. As a return he lent me his DS [which is only one quarter the value of my lappy].

Coming back to the DS, Kuan has installed quite a number of games, including some famous ones like Mario, Mario Kart and Final Fantasy. But the one that attracts me most is called Professor Layton and the Curios Village. [gamespot rating: 9/10]

The game revolves about Professor Layton and his young apprentice, Luke going around solving mysteries in St. Mystere town.

Along the game, there will be a very interesting story line to follow and tonnes of puzzles to solve. Not to mention there're also side events like searching for hint coins [to use hints when solving puzzles] and finding missing pieces of a painting.

Here's a video about the game.

To sum it all, there're more than 120 puzzles in the story and player can also download weekly puzzle online. There're various types of puzzles like moving matchsticks, answer riddles, draw objects, solve math problems, place chess pieces, and much, much more.

Me myself have only solved about 90 puzzles in 7 hours play time of the game. Too bad I have to return the DS back to Kuan, else I'd have solve everything given me another day.

To all puzzle-fanatics like me out there, I think you'll love this game. Do try out one of the puzzles in the game [pic]. It's moderate difficulty level and I'll post the answer in the comments area. Have fun! Billy, out.

[source: Gamespot]


Billy said...

Answer: 13

Too bad the other 2 passengers will be drown or more likely be eaten by the sharks. [a moment of silence for the duo]

Did you get it correctly?

lclun said...

You can try out the Phoenix Wright series where you play as an attorney. Or if you like cooking, give Cooking Mama a shot ;)

sleepy kid said...

hihi..still remember me??i m huiqing..
it had been a long time we did not cntact each other..jz read ur blog..
seem like u had an interesting life n doing well/....

Billy said...

Pheonix Wright looks cool. Thx for the recommendation.

[sleepy kid]
Hey! Long time no see.. Sure I remember you lar. How're you lately?

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