Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

7 May 2008 @ TGV, KLCC

After a boring round in Petrosains and another yawny visit to the bookstore. We went to watch the Forbidden Kingdom after a long dinner.

Some people said that it's worth a watch, others don't agree. I shall witness with my own eyes.

The story tells about an American teenager who loves chinese kung fu and was sent back to the ancient China. His mission is to get the magical fighting stick back to the Monkey King, who was imprisoned by the evil Jade Warlord.

There were lots of actions and humour along the movie. Well, the fight between Jackie and JetLi was quite interesting.

Here're some pretty nice posters I found, for each main character in the movie.

Jackie was funny as usual. Especially when he bursts out an English conversation all of a sudden with the ang moh.

JetLi was a cheeky monkey. So playful all the time. This is my first time seeing JetLi playing such character, usually he's so cool in movies.

The ang moh who travelled from modern America to ancient China for a special mission.

Ah, the golden sparrow... I love to see her [LiuYiFei] in this movie. Always so calm and cool. Not to forget her lovely tune from her mandolin when she's not fighting.

The evil white haired witch. Meow with a Roar.

I just feel slightly akward with all the ancient chinese people speaking English most of the time. I'd rate it as a pretty good piece to watch. Bravo! Billy, out.


Jirian said...

Nice movie! I was surprised that the monk related to Monkey King [oppss!]

Billy said...

Yea, it was good. I was a little surprise too! =P

Denise said...

i quite satisfy with this movie...vr nice action and all the setting of story, clothes...espcailly the make up, nice eye shadow~haha. 1 thing im not understand is y sometimes they speak mandarin, sometimes english. i never knew li bingbing will speak english in this movie. no doubt liu yefei can speak so well as an american.

Billy said...

Yea, nice rite? Hehehe...
The language is the only strange part of the movie lor. Overall it's good. =)

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