Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

19 May 2008 @ GSC, Midvalley

Once again the backpackers of the trip set out to get all the necessities for the journey. After spending hundreds of ringgit on the stuffs, we head on for a movie.

Here it is, the long-awaited second series of The Chornicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian.

This is yet another fantasy epic film, based on the novel written by C.S. Lewis. [Oh, I just love fantasy epic movies] The story begins with Prince Caspian fleeing from his own castle as wars and duel began, to fight for freedom and the throne.

Lucy, Peter, Prince Caspian, Susan, Edmund [the kings and the queens]

The four kids kings and queens were summoned back to Narnia cluelessly, without knowing that they're there for a very important mission.

Thus, the four set out on the adventure and eventually met up with Prince Caspian in the woods to find out what has happened in Narnia for the past 1300 years.

Centaurs [and many other Narnian creatures ready for battle]

Many things happened after that, but I guess I'm not going to reveal too much about it. One thing I can tell is that it's another action-packed film with a little humour to ease the nerves.

Ready, Aim, Shoot! [Susan leading an army of archers]

The war in the this film was different from the first series of Narnia. As it is in most movies, the good guys were usually outnumbered by the bad guys. So, the protagonists have to come out with brilliant ideas to kill efficiently.
[efficient: using least resources to accomplish goals] =P

Sadly, two of the siblings are not going to return to Narnia ever. Who? You have to watch the movie to know then. Another great movie. Billy, out.

Photo source: Narnia Official Website & NarniaWeb.com


puiyeel said...

"You're a...mouse!" XD

Billy said...

Haha.. the mousey is far-nee~ =P

patrick said...

the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story better than i would have expected... i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not so much the case

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